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Born Into Confusion

Waking up we many times find ourselves in a strange and unusual world where we are well outside of it's push and pull and thereby completely free of it's effects. As we gaze upon the lands of our birth our attention wanders and as it wanders we... 08 Aug 2005

Bodily Confusion

Confusing ourselves with the body, we tend to let physicality dominate our lives and our loves. Once we subvert our nature our efforts come to be directed toward leading a comfortable and safe life. We must care and attend to the body and it's... 23 May 2005

You Are The Captain And The World, Your Ship

We are always in the right place at the right time - right where we need to be. Planning for doomsday removes us from spontaneity, or life itself. Once we fall out of step with that we are as good as dead anyway. The only possible remedy is to... 23 May 2005

We Live As We Die

As we live, so shall we die. The only promise that will be kept is one of certainty, and then the bait-and-switch tactic is brought into play. Opposing odds is the business of professionals because these are the ones that truly understand this... 26 Dec 1999

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