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Pondering The Unfathomable

Here is an entry to demonstrate that time passes and so do we. Among the plenitude of our experience there remains one final push into the reality we most fear - death. Whether the scythe cuts one this pass or the next, all that we can claim... 07 Sep 2007

Getting Past The Thought

Opinions blind us, thoughts rule us and our own sense of superiority destroys us. They all share a common bond and as Free Zone America upholds directness, so too these thoughts and ideas uphold a common basis through which these find... 31 Mar 2005

You Can Stop Now

Thoughts in the stream of time always seem to end up getting lost, waylaid, forgotten, misplaced and perhaps even 'hidden'. As tools of our own destruction we take pride in keeping it all exactly where it should be - every where. In every nook... 24 Jun 2004

Space Flakes

Sometimes I write about the Galactic Patrol, Loyal Officers and other such space-opera subjects. They really don't come to mean very much as diving into these subjects is just another way of keeping the mind busy and occupied. Experience is a... 13 Apr 2004

Take It Home Where It Belongs

I've noticed that there are very few people who actually have an interest in Scientology, among the so-called 'Scientologists'. It's a bit strange to watch another stumble and fall and then to fault another for their demise. It's also a bit... 25 Feb 2004

Taking Oneself For A Ride

Walking away, we tend to seek new experiences, new life, not here, but over there. Somewhere else is where all the happenings take place and we feverishly seek them out. Looking within comes to mean nothing more than a momentary pause in... 20 Dec 2003

Painting With Dreams

A picture is worth a thousand words and yet in our imaginary bubble of existence, we use words stemming from scarcity. Abundantly vocal, we attempt to fill the void and so endeavor to paint our world with thoughts, emotions, feelings and... 03 Nov 2003

Losing One's Experience

As we trod the well worn dusty trail we keep our sights upon the heels of those before us. Where it is that we venture, we do no know. When it is that we will arrive, we can not say. To carry our load is our quest and getting there is just no... 17 Sep 2003

Walking Away From Walking Away

Looking in the mirror, from the mirror, the endless depths of our potential can be seen. Endlessly, the possibilities fade into our perspective of view. From here, we can see forever. While the attention is down the track of time, here we... 06 May 2003

Into The Eye Of The Tiger

Fearing the night, there is a tendency to shy away when darkness comes to call. That darkness can be overwhelming and full of one's worst nightmares and fears. It need not be so. Darkness survives, and gains strength, in direct relation to the... 08 Oct 2002

The Gods Are Pleased

Finding the treasures of old, we delight in the seeking. Expending our efforts, we build our reserves for the next. Alone at last, we contemplate our future and create the life we are to lead. Events unfold in their proper time and place. The... 03 Dec 2001

Take Cover

From understanding there is an arrival at a new found position; a point, a place, a slice of time. Encompassing the unholdable, the sun shines and the laughter of the gods appear and disappear as they float on wafts of hope and desire. Before... 26 Aug 2001

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