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Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely *fab*ulous. If I had friends I would celebrate.

Thoughts of Grandeur

Way back in the day when I did the thingy I met and befriended Mike and Virginia. It was my good fortune to be able to do so and over the years that friendship has never wavered. Even in the face of concerted efforts by others the basis…

Friends In High Places

Remember Douglas Adams and the Encyclopedia Galactica and also the better known _Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…

A Friendly Reminder

"Friends…, friends…., who needs friends…" says the mad scientist from Day of the Tentacle. I loved that game when it came out, probably one of the very few that I enjoyed. It didn’t help that I spent quite a bit of time trying to get…

Have An Awesome Day... And Night

This message is for my dear friends:^1] [