Gathering Minds
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Tags : between lives

Between Lives; There Is No Such Thing

As we are ever between lives it cannot exist separate and apart from ourselves. Imagining a world where the collection of souls is nothing but a job promotion is one which obviously creates nothing but a pain-full route to rebirth - again. If…

Speaking With A Forked Tongue

Listening, we hear ourselves and create the reverberation in which our decisions ‘come to be’. Outwardly, we express our desires and so the process gains momentum and speeds it’s way towards others of like mind. Saying what we hear, we feel no…

Between Lives, Where Will It End?

Scientology mind-processing is in it’s infancy and according to the ‘highest authority’ on the subject, it is earmarked for that state in perpetuity. In other words, it’s a dead subject. Luckily, some benefits can be garnered from walking the…

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