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Drawing Down The Flame

Burning through the hearts and minds of Man retribution leaves little to be desired. In playing we pay and yet the evil of contrary motions provides little in the way of recompense. Actions speak louder than words and yet the winds do hear the… 29 Nov 2010

Propaganda, Spin and Counter Revolutions

Touching the Heart of Man can sometimes require many roads of ingress. Not all roads should be taken but in choice there is, as always, a choice. The choices we make defines our being but in such definition how easy it becomes to stay lost… 01 Nov 2010

Constructing The Perfect Image

The wayward mind, the cleft of unity; all things become possible when they already are. Being in existence the shadows dance upon the walls of illumination and that illumination is but the light of ourselves casting it’s warm glow upon the… 26 Oct 2010

Where Would We Find Ourselves?

What is it that drives Men mad? What is it that becomes so unsettling that our very foundation shakes and crumbles giving way to anxious desire? What is it that determines our fate, our fortunes along with such tales of woe that we become… 26 Oct 2010

Sailing The Dangerous Waters of New-Found Territory

The exploration of new Lands is always looked upon with an excitement born from the ashes of boredom. In the killing of creativity interest goes willy-nilly out in the vast ‘unknown’ kingdom called make believe. It is this new territory… 25 Oct 2010

In A Nutshell

The OT levels did not produce these abilities but they did find out who could do them. http://www.scribd.com/doc/39966435/The-War-for-Minds-of-Men-Scientology-Role … 25 Oct 2010

The Man In The Mirror

‘Man’ is not being referred to here as that over uni-sexed version world dominion lovers embrace. There are two different spellings of ‘man’, one with a capital ‘M’ and one with a small ‘m’. The small ‘m’ version represents man-kind and is all… 20 Oct 2010

When The Blind See...

Being ‘human’ requires borders and boundaries within which one’s existence can be limited, contained and channeled. Hearing the voices of despair we become it and drop this non-sense of individuality. Nurturing a ‘good’ and obedient gang of… 18 Oct 2010

In God We Trust

As of late there has been a number of interesting forays made by the so-called ruling elite. Hacking their way into the dense reaches of the jungle of life and living supper is being looked forward to being on the table very, very soon. As… 18 Oct 2010

Boasting of The Timeline

Working in secret there are no secrets and so when the word comes down the pike who is it that gives and receives? Dastardly deeds never go unpunished and yet the few remain. In confusion the scattering of the winds forces us all to look anew at… 11 Oct 2010

Dust Bunnies

Hiding in secret the fluff of life and living tends to accumulate and form new life, new means of sustainability in the physical construct. Taking on new qualities and struggling to engage it’s world intelligence forms and begins it’s journey on… 04 Oct 2010

Harold Rosenthal Interview

24 Sep 2010

Life Removed

Progressively the downward spiral into solidity promises a golden future of life - of a life ‘new and improved’. New experience beckons the kids and as ever onward the marching steps of authority comes to be endured one can be assured that new… 17 Sep 2010

The Code of Honor : No. 6

Today I would like to address number six of the Code of Honor. … 14 Sep 2010

Subtle Energy Movement

The Shifting of the Sands has begun. Movement near and far engages us all and though consciousness may fail to take notice never-the-less said movement evinces changes. Sometimes during a reality shift nothing ‘different’ comes to be known… 13 Sep 2010

Guest Entries

I am providing this space for those who may wish to leave something behind. Although I have no desire for fame nor for glory perhaps I have been remiss in not providing the space for those who may feel the need to respond, in some capacity, to… 10 Sep 2010

Observing The Obvious

Sitting back and observing the obvious from an unattached perspective is called, in some circles, obnosis. One cannot detach from illusion unless one recognizes that there is an illusion in the first place. This is part of _observing the… 09 Sep 2010

Circumventing The Inevitable

Eventually all events come to pass. In thinking, all thoughts comes to be pondered. In being, all experience unfolds. So what becomes of us? What becomes of us where limitation comes to be exceeded, to be broken and cast away as the refuse that… 07 Sep 2010

Freedom Rings True

Listening to our Hearts we stand in silence - deaf, dumb and blind. Blinded by our own beingness we take flight and in fancy delight we gleefully take experience to another level, another state of beingness. Up where the clouds fly by our… 07 Sep 2010

Sooner or Later...

Sooner or later even _this_must be sacrificed. 09 Jul 2010

'Independent' Scientology

The religion, the philosophy, the company, take your pick. In shuffling the deck confusion reigns and in that confusion stable data become the frontier where we search for new life, new meaning, to go where no one has gone before. As the pack… 06 Jul 2010

Doing It For 'Free'

Money, money, money. Gimme, gimme gimme! You hear it from almost every corner of humanity, that desperate heart-wrenching cry for the all mighty and omnipresent medium of exchange, the rallying cry for ever more…. 21 Jun 2010

Passing The Time Of Day

Day or night the passage of time comes to be inevitable. Lazily we stand by the sidelines waiting and watching life pass us by wondering in despair when it will be our turn. Yes, when will it me my turn!?… 14 Jun 2010

Hiding In Wolves Clothing

“These are the times that try Men’s souls.” There are the times just as they always are and let’s not forget the other half of the equation - a spiritual being wrapped in a female late-model Ford. It’s all the rage no matter the make or model… 08 Jun 2010

Wrenching Despair From The Heart of Man

How does one pull away that which is closely held? As candy from a selfish lad parting ways create turmoil and in this turmoil great change takes place. But why is there this requirement for turmoil? Why does Man suffer so and most of all… 26 May 2010

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