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Life Is To Be Lived

With all the talk about 'safety' and 'security' in order to 'keep people safe' is there any thought whatsoever of the context which this lies within. In a dangerous and dark society there becomes a 'need' for safety and security. In an open and... 29 Jul 2015

Manufactured Society

I look around and am amazed at how every aspect of life is controlled, manipulated, adjusted and fenced off. Like cattle through the gateway, the mass called humanity is tenderly cared for so as not to harm the merchandise - unless of course... 31 Jan 2015

Drawing Down The Flame

Burning through the hearts and minds of Man retribution leaves little to be desired. In playing we pay and yet the evil of contrary motions provides little in the way of recompense. Actions speak louder than words and yet the winds do hear the... 29 Nov 2010

Grounding In The Basis Of Life

Grounding ourselves to the physical universe, we create the life envisioned for ourselves - jumping with joy at the delight of such. Our endeavors entrap us in it's arms and sweep us away to far-off lands enticed with exotic adventures never... 29 Jan 2009

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