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Calling The Heavens

Well, it’s not a secret. Now that it’s been brought forward enough for even the walking dead to notice we can all go home now, right? Job done, let’s move on because there’s plenty in the pipe that need doing. Waking up awareness can be like… 29 Dec 2020

Security Alert!

I’ve had this website accessible via https for quite some time now but the one thing that I do not have associated with that is a bought and paid-for certificate. It’s self-assigned. Yeah self assigned. I ain’t gonna pay someone to tell me… 03 Aug 2017

Life Is To Be Lived

With all the talk about ‘safety’ and ‘security’ in order to ‘keep people safe’ is there any thought whatsoever of the context which this lies within. In a dangerous and dark society there becomes a ‘need’ for safety and security. In an open and… 29 Jul 2015

Taking The Last Train To Clarkville

Sometimes it can be a difficult process to convert a conceptual understanding into plain-text language so that the recipient can connect the dots in order to comprehend that which is given. This is quite the flawed process and only exists to… 07 Aug 2013

Locusts in Play

Scouring the landscape, locusts devour all in their path. .. 31 Mar 2008

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