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In Motion, No Commotion

A mind not in motion creates commotion. I’m gonna sell this... 04 Apr 2016

I Ate The One Who Cared Enough Not To

First a story. Partaking of the riches we place before us we tend to lean back in our chairs as if in an afterthought all the while digesting our humble beginnings and determining that yes indeed, we have overcome fate to the point where we are… 29 Oct 2015


This world revolves around ideology. It’s the thought that counts. Too bad that intent trumps that… 12 Aug 2013

The Buzzards Are Circling

Has the world gone Mad or is it simply pointing out the obvious? Locked in, marching in step as is our duty, we dote upon our opinions, our ideas of this and that, relishing each and every opportunity to expose the grandness of our being. We are… 26 Sep 2007

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