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The internet is such a wonderful place to lose one’s self in. There is a plethora of profit-driven enterprises along with the ever present empty hand extended in expectation. These pointers of existence demonstrate the large and very noticeable… 17 Apr 2012

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About This Web SiteSelfLinksA Few Definitions*Make Contact .. 13 Oct 2011

About This Web Site (fza.org)

Free Zone America has been around for quite some time. According to various projects and such the website has been active or dormant as necessitated. From hosting wild and crazy practices and procedures to the hint of reality, the gamut has… 03 Jan 2008

A "Loyal" Officer

What does the word “loyal” in Loyal Officer really mean? To what or who does an Officer give their loyalty to and what does this entail? Is this oath of loyalty one of conviction or requirement? What becomes of an Officer who breaks this… 04 Dec 2007

In The Field Of Play I Am But A Piece

We all have our playing fields in which to do our deeds. From winning to losing the process begins, endures and finally comes to an end. In this life cycle of re-cycle we come to embrace our just rewards - experience! On our board of strategy we… 03 Dec 2007

Reach And Withdraw

Over the course of time it has become quite apparent that this website has followed the tried and true process of reach and withdraw. But that is in appearance only as there is no reach and withdraw going on. There is only “going on” that is… 29 Nov 2007

Fire Ants

Disturbing the nest, they all come out running and screaming, looking for the threat of mass extinction. Something, or someone, is going to pay. When walking into a Den of Thieves it is best to be not just clear, but at full authority over… 27 Nov 2007

Questionable Times, Questionable Motives

It’s true. The air has come alive with change and this change continues the tradition of the metaphor: there’s a locomotive headed your way. Undue outside interference, begun in earnest quite some time ago, is finally abating as promised. Many… 27 Nov 2007

Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush

As the children’s song goes, the falling is the best part. Noticing those who gather at the various watering holes reveals the “coincidence” of chance and in it’s demonstration reveals the obvious - fresh meat is good for the grinder. Singing of… 27 Nov 2007

Conflicting Opinions

There are two websites which are piggy-backed to each other, seemingly reflecting a dual interest in matters of the spirit. This apparency is false as both are one and the same. The only difference is in the facade, in the view. Here at Free… 16 Nov 2007

Strange Fate

How does thought develop? How does life experience create a lasting impression whereby similarities and differences become recorded for all of posterity? To what use does one employ the various recordings of life and living? Are we so frightened… 16 Oct 2007

Pointedly Obscure

It is true that this web site is quite obscure. The verse is obtuse and the cacophonous display of seemingly irrelevant and irreverent terms and ideas can be like the fingernails upon the chalkboard. Yes, the mind can be a wonderfully annoying… 16 Oct 2007

Basking In Narcissism

Expressing our endless right to be, do and have all that we wish for ourselves, we come to fully embrace the perpetual expansion of the rippling effect upon our universe of the drop of our being upon the canvas of life and living. In this moment… 16 Oct 2007

The Buzzards Are Circling

Has the world gone Mad or is it simply pointing out the obvious? Locked in, marching in step as is our duty, we dote upon our opinions, our ideas of this and that, relishing each and every opportunity to expose the grandness of our being. We are… 26 Sep 2007

Feeling For Existence

It can be said with certainty that the symphonic movement of pieces upon the Board of Life is in full swing, as it always is. Sometimes when we color our world it becomes quite rosy and then, with a simple twist of the wrist, all changes before… 12 Sep 2007

Pondering The Unfathomable

Here is an entry to demonstrate that time passes and so do we. Among the plenitude of our experience there remains one final push into the reality we most fear - death. Whether the scythe cuts one this pass or the next, all that we can claim… 07 Sep 2007

The Body Electric

Whatever one’s background, from wherever one takes a point of view, it can be readily determined that our bodies tend to become our House of Worship. We live, eat and sleep the entirety of our existence within this abode and an enormous amount… 28 Aug 2007

Creepy Crawlers

There are a number of interesting things going on in and around the so-called “FreeZone” these days. From the pirate Hunsaker giving up the ghost again to “The Pilot” doing the same. What progress! In the typical fashion of obfuscation and… 18 Jun 2007

The Bigger Picture

Most of the souls wandering, lost and lonely, upon this Blue Jewel have a great amount of difficulty seeing, let alone understanding, what is happening both within and without their own universe. This ‘universe’ can be defined as being that… 15 Jun 2007

In The Still Of The Night

Well, it’s time for another update report and it’s not, at this moment, looking merrily in the least. In the Darkness of Man’s existence the cancer of greed continues unabated and yet, simultaneously, the noticed yet unacknowledged sliver of… 15 Jun 2007

Beware The Ides Of 2007

There is much afoot these days and in these days of reckoning trial and tribulation have come to roost upon the hen house, looking and seeking for a way in or a way out for the victims of despair so that they can end their lives for the good of… 31 May 2007

Playing The Straight Man

This planet is populated with a number of religious groups and such who all claim, and at times proclaim, that there is but ONE way to the Almighty, that there is but their way to redemption and salvation. There is no dearth of ideology in… 15 May 2007

Brushing Against Reality: Choose Wisely

Brushing against reality we tend to look for those things which will make us feel most comfortable in our shakeable and shaken world of unknown. Wandering amongst our desires, we seek refuge and in so doing we endeavor to fall flat on our face… 15 May 2007

Running Scared

As we pursue our interest and interests in seeking, our attention comes to be fixed on an idea which we truly delight in expressing. Such joy do we find in this expression that we want to ensure that all are able to participate. Unfortunately,… 29 Mar 2007

Off World, Off Course

As a planetary body this planet contains numerous wonders and delights to behold. The body moves with a grace and balance quite appropriate to it’s demeanor. It’s not my planet but it is a home to many, many others here - and that is where the… 16 Mar 2007

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