Tag: finding

There Is Nothing Else

In exploring the push which by the way is about completely ignored, we seek and find. The finding part is not quite up to the task but it is there anyway, enticing all those who gaze upon it. There must be something more even if it... 13 Nov 2023

Looking, Searching And....

There was once upon a time a story about a Seeker looking for 'something', a 'something' which was always seemingly elusive and quite hard to not only 'find' but to define. Definition of substance requires us to to have some sort of 'knowledge'... 18 Jul 2020

Stop Staring At The Mirror

Escape, that final frontier into which we place everything at our disposal. What survives becomes pursued into submission. All must give way before us. Is this not the reason for our existence? Indeed it is and so with hearts afire we relish... 09 Jul 2004

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