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Wrenching Despair From The Heart of Man

How does one pull away that which is closely held? As candy from a selfish lad parting ways create turmoil and in this turmoil great change takes place. But why is there this requirement for turmoil? Why does Man suffer so and most of all… 26 May 2010

Country, What Country?

Forum: Deception & Control Let me get this straight:.. 20 Jul 2005

Constant Vigilance

To be free is to be enslaved to an idea, a concept of being and this surely cannot be what is desired. All concepts and ideas originate with our compulsive tendencies and so the freedom which one seeks becomes defined by guideposts or markers… 11 May 2005

Walking On Water

Vigilance is like water. It flows where it will in it’s quest of equilibrium. Holding back the floods, once water finds it’s way, it’s demonstration of release is astounding. From life giving to life taking it runs the gamut without care, in… 25 Feb 2004

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