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The Self could be described as that which lights up, defines and gives life to the world we see through our physical and mental eyes. Where the Self is not, nothing is. Here the emphasis is placed upon the realization of the Self. It is our true... 12 Jul 2006

Contacting FZA

If you have a question or comment which you would like to share, please use the appropriate Guest Book which can be found in the various areas of FZA. No contact is possible at this time. FZA is not in the business of buying or selling... 10 Jul 2006

Welcome To Free Zone America

There are two very important Codes to keep in mind:... 14 Nov 2005


Some tell us that the body is the self. Others say that the mind is the self. Both agree in asserting that the world is real, and that the self is an individual, one of a vast multitude of selves. Some there are who admit that the self is... 30 Nov 2004

Open-Minded Destructiveness

Destruction, by it's very nature, destroys. It takes away the regimentation of thoughts, ideas and concepts, it seeks to eliminate fixation. In destruction there can be found motive, or intent. As a basis of operation our intent is what allows... 20 Oct 2004

Fixed And Unmoving

Gazing into the Mirror of Man we come to see our reflection and as we continue to stare into oblivion our shape and form react violently giving way to unimagined experience. But in our haste of domination, those experiences are neither new or... 04 Oct 2004


The Rights and Privileges of being One thing or Another: - Our Life, Our Blood, Our Possessions are for no-thing.- In Merit do We have Recourse.- Escaping is not an Option.- With Thought, Word and Deed, we Create.- Engaging in Solicitation,... 14 Sep 2004

Welcome to the Land of the Living

In this land of NO RETURN ye shall surely waste away and come to naught. But that is the whole point isn't it? To come to nothing, to end up nothing with nothing to do, say or act upon. Life flows from it source and here at the Source, Life... 14 Sep 2004

You Already Are The Sky

In order to reveal to one's self that which makes up one's self all that need be accomplished is to develop and nurture a sharp keen eye for honesty. Honesty, or truth, is that single common thread which underlies all that lives and not lives.... 14 Sep 2004

Freedom Remains

Away in the hearts and minds of those who see not, there lies a better life, or so the image tells them. Through the looking glass reality develops and envelops the unaware. Surely there is a life to be had as we bow our heads in silent sleep.... 14 Sep 2004

Aliens And The Coming New World Order

The title is a bit of a misnomer as there will be no New World order. Despite various alien influences and local combative hegemony, there is much work to be done in order to bring to fruition the best laid plans of those who perpetuate... 20 Aug 2004

The Will of Man

Among the deceased there is an ever popular idea that mental concentration will bring back life. Through massive effort and conniving means, life will again become the experiential dream blossoming into reality once more. From here to there the... 18 Aug 2004

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