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Free Zone Decree Info

The NON-INTERFERENCE DECREE on Sector 9 was received on Earth on the 29th April 1982 at 1200 GMT. It states, (as relayed from Mainship, Sector 9): “The stars in this Sector are under a Non-Interference Decree from Galactic Central - Grand… 14 Apr 2004

Space Flakes

Sometimes I write about the Galactic Patrol, Loyal Officers and other such space-opera subjects. They really don’t come to mean very much as diving into these subjects is just another way of keeping the mind busy and occupied. Experience is a… 13 Apr 2004

It's A Long Time Coming

Sooner or later, as we reach for the furthest star at the very edge of our periphery, we come to realize that what we are seeing and what we think that we are seeing, are two very different things. Out of our storehouse of fact an innuendo, we… 23 Dec 2003

Where Are We Going, Dave?

From “What are you doing?” to “Where are you going?”, time has a way of flying us all along the path of no return. The answer to where we are going is simple, but in complexity is where the real mystery lies. Indeed, if it is not complex, surely… 22 Dec 2003

Home Is Where The Heart Is

If home is where the Heart is, then what can be said about the turmoil in which we seem to relish with vim and vigor. Yes, turmoil IS a great part of our day and it is within that turmoil that we reach out, looking for a Heart in which to reside. 22 Dec 2003

Taking Oneself For A Ride

Walking away, we tend to seek new experiences, new life, not here, but over there. Somewhere else is where all the happenings take place and we feverishly seek them out. Looking within comes to mean nothing more than a momentary pause in… 20 Dec 2003

All Along The Watchtower

Keeping pace, we gaze out across the Land, looking for untoward signs and signals. Ever watchful, there is no rest for the weary, but sooner or later, weariness does indeed, set in. Shifting attention, we strive to stay awake, but of course… 19 Dec 2003

John Caban

John Caban: Have you left the building yet?.. 19 Dec 2003

Out-Guessing Time

Wandering the Wasteland, we tend to seek out new life experiences in order to help curb our appetite for destruction. Our inclination to destroy is remarkably infamous for it’s transitional effects, and yet, it still does nothing to relieve… 15 Dec 2003

Where We Belong

Working alone, we wend our way through life, seeking and revealing all of life’s mysteries and rhymes. Full-filling each and every quest, we move on to more important ones, always keeping an eye out for something of even greater ‘worth’. Isn’t… 03 Dec 2003

I Came, I Saw, I Ran Away As Fast As I Could

It’s not always easy to see oneself without all kinds of thoughts and images getting in the way, but it becomes imperative to at least try if one is to set foot upon the path of intelligence. It takes quite of bit of intelligence to see. So much… 02 Dec 2003

Taking Responsibility To The Highest Levels

Determining one’s destiny in life is like trying to toast both sides of a slice a bread, at the same time, over a camp fire. The only way to do it is by completely immersing it in the fire. Then, it is surely to get done - in a hurry. Keeping a… 02 Dec 2003

Just Do It

Out in the “FreeZone” much has occurred. From it’s not so humble beginnings to it’s tormented present, lasting relationships, as always, come to an end. But endings are not always what they are thought to be. The “FreeZone” has extended it’s… 01 Dec 2003

MeZone Roundup

Let’s see: The “FreeZone” is decommissioned and the Loyal Officer who went native is still on the loose in Ron’s Org. Achtung!.. 01 Dec 2003

You Never Call Or Write Anymore

It’s true. All of it. Whatever rumor you’ve heard, whatever words departed through the lips of someone “in the know” - it’s all true. Each and every implication, every remark, phrase or observation on and/or about me, is totally and completely… 01 Dec 2003

Ending The 'Quest'

Looking and searching, searching and looking, time after time and still no end comes to our doorstop. No end comes to greet us whereby we may simply and plainly bring to closure our eternal Quest for Victory. Claiming ownership, we battle… 25 Nov 2003

A "Scientologist's" Dream

There are many who have processed themselves through the Church of Scientology as well as the so-called ‘FreeZone’ and come out labeling themselves as “Scientologists”. According to popular ‘think’, a Scientologist is one who betters themselves… 18 Nov 2003

The Stars Above

The stars above,Are but misled,Footsteps from below.Gathering all unto her breast,The beast cries “I live!”,Slowly descending above the crowd,She speaks her name as all tremble.Cries of fear, cries of courage,”Come down… 10 Nov 2003

Painting With Dreams

A picture is worth a thousand words and yet in our imaginary bubble of existence, we use words stemming from scarcity. Abundantly vocal, we attempt to fill the void and so endeavor to paint our world with thoughts, emotions, feelings and… 03 Nov 2003

Horizontal Horizons

Taking off in flight, we actively pursue the Wandering Eye of Attention. Looking for ways to experience ourselves, we fly high and wide never staying the moment. Relishing our victory we campaign again and again, victorious in our battle and… 03 Nov 2003

Exchange And Promises Kept

The concept of exchange is flawed. According to the rules of conduct when it comes to exchange, one must be on the receiving end once when one ‘gives’. This is actually ludicrous since business dealings always tend to go bad after a while. When… 31 Oct 2003

Holding Tight

The mind is such a wonderful play toy. We extract endless hours of entertainment from and because of it, keeping ourselves quite busy and fully occupied. Is it any wonder that we seek salvation? Demonstrating to ourselves that we exist, we… 09 Oct 2003

Great Leaps Takes Greatness

Answering the call of Nature, Silence attends it’s Domain. There is nothing alone but what is desired to be alone. Lost is not just another word for confusion, it is also the state of affairs on this planet. Dying to get ahead, no one… 07 Oct 2003

Just Be

Duties carry a certain weight of responsibility. Aligning oneself causes. Creating the roadmap, we become consumed by our convictions. There is nothing wrong with this idea but when we begin to overtake ourselves the road suddenly takes a wild… 24 Sep 2003

Breaking Away

Learning a new dance step can sometimes take quite a while, especially to master. But like all else that becomes new, it’s not the step itself which implies importance, but the beat to which it owes it’s allegiance. The beat can also be called… 23 Sep 2003

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