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Hiding In Wolves Clothing

“These are the times that try Men’s souls.” There are the times just as they always are and let’s not forget the other half of the equation - a spiritual being wrapped in a female late-model Ford. It’s all the rage no matter the make or model…

In The Still Of The Night II

When we become emboldened in self righteousness our egotistical well being becomes enormously enhanced. What glory! What power! What ridiculousness! Change is upon us.

How Good Are We?

Entering the twilight of our age, who is it that will save us from ourselves? If we lack the courage to engage ourselves and still continue to yearn for freedom, placing our rights and responsibilities at the feet of another will gain us nothing…

At The Heart Of The Matter Lies Death

As an island of misfortune we constantly swim against the tides hoping upon hope that our outcome will differentiate ourselves from all others. Surely, we will, and must, succeed in our efforts of domination, control and regret. Turning aside…

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