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All That Is

Counting telemetry we find comfort in the soul and souls of mice and Man. Ever-present we feel justified and in so bringing about our undying love of self we exude charm so that all may know. Who says that we can’t fool every one, ourselves… 10 Feb 2022

The Fallacy of Seeking

Looking and seeking can be a full time job. There is always some pull by those who wish to have you create a different reality for your self. There is also those who push as well but that is a different topic of discussion. Higher learning… 28 Aug 2020

Red Alert! Red Alert!

“Help! I’m being overrun with zombies!” In the land of non-living living there is a plethora of those who enjoy overwhelming the opposition with tales of woe. Maybe it’s just my fate that almost all of those with whom I experience an… 11 Feb 2020

Love Knows No Bounds

I like the Book of the Ages analogy. All that was, is and will be is written there. Needless to say that that library is huge with an seemingly endless supply of shelves, books and god knows what else. But not to worry. If you find yourself… 30 Aug 2017

So, It Looks Like A Forever

Fore as distinct from aft. It does seem like a forever doesn’t it but sometimes our little teeny tiny human minds just aren’t worth a hoot. At least not in my book and that book is one not many are familiar with. But no matter… 21 Aug 2017

The Creaking of the Floor Boards

I would suggest that you turn around and look. 24 Sep 2014

A Viewpoint

A viewpoint is defined as being a point from which one views. Who or what views is not in the equation and neither is that which is viewed. It’s just a perspective which one assumes in order to receive sensory information. Accordingly, this… 06 Dec 2006

Missing The Obvious

Looking around, we see and in so doing we come to understand where it is that we are in the Universe, where we “fit in”. Without this foundational underpinning of our consciousness we would be lost since one cannot stand rooted without a basis… 11 Sep 2006

Edging Closer To The Abyss

Waking up into a nightmare is something which most of us do each and every day. The planet is in a nose dive with complete disregard for status or position, real or imagined. Drowning in our own sorrows, we gratefully enter the Abyss. Death and… 08 Sep 2006

Looking Every Where Else

In sight we fool ourselves into thinking that reality exists right before our very eyes. In darkness, we seek the light in which illumination can be found. Neither light nor dark are the reality we seek. Turning a blind eye to our outer reality… 22 Apr 2005

It's A Long Time Coming

Sooner or later, as we reach for the furthest star at the very edge of our periphery, we come to realize that what we are seeing and what we think that we are seeing, are two very different things. Out of our storehouse of fact an innuendo, we… 23 Dec 2003

I Came, I Saw, I Ran Away As Fast As I Could

It’s not always easy to see oneself without all kinds of thoughts and images getting in the way, but it becomes imperative to at least try if one is to set foot upon the path of intelligence. It takes quite of bit of intelligence to see. So much… 02 Dec 2003

Holding Tight

The mind is such a wonderful play toy. We extract endless hours of entertainment from and because of it, keeping ourselves quite busy and fully occupied. Is it any wonder that we seek salvation? Demonstrating to ourselves that we exist, we… 09 Oct 2003

Walking Away From Walking Away

Looking in the mirror, from the mirror, the endless depths of our potential can be seen. Endlessly, the possibilities fade into our perspective of view. From here, we can see forever. While the attention is down the track of time, here we… 06 May 2003

Pointing Fingers Tell Tales

THAT organization doesn’t have the correct technology. THAT organization doesn’t use standard scientology and is therefor a waste of time. THAT organization uses altered technology and produces an overt product. Pointing fingers tell tales and… 24 Aug 2001

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