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Willoughby The Watcher

Nothing is apparent other than our predilection for catastrophe through the use of rhyme or reason. It all boils down to what it is that which we percolate through the Universe. usually it’s through time and deceit but many modes of operandi… 03 Aug 2022

Wishing Upon A Star

Wishing upon a star against the backdrop of the deep dark blackness of space, loneliness comes full circle and impacts the ground below and above our feet planting us firmly upon the firmament of time, space and the joy of sorrows yet to come to… 21 Jan 2021

Like, Is and the Puppeteer

There is a very distinct difference for me between that which I like and that which is. In the realm of like there are those things which I would prefer to be or not to be. Like for instance, I would like for there not to be a wall of… 29 Oct 2015

Stepping Aside, Our Nature Remains

Thoughts, in their ever present nature, help to define our beingness. Through our thinking process alignment occurs with that which we have deemed to be our demonstrate-able characteristics. Through thoughts we create our reality and live the… 02 Nov 2005

The Shadow People

Cruising through life, have you ever taken a moment to notice what it is that follows you where ever you go? What follows is not merely your own shadow, but something of much greater depth. Within the shadows of life opportunity exists…. 09 Jul 2001

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