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There Is life After death

The dead and dying have something in common. Leaving it all 'behind' the future becomes something of an unknown yet comforting quest. Better days are yet to brew. It's always the same. Forward progress means a great deal to those on the... 29 Aug 2022

In A Neat And Tidy Package

Stuff. We seem to have an endless supply of it, ever consuming our attention, our thoughts and our energy. Everywhere we look we find it and many times, it seems to find us despite our best efforts to avoid it. Waking up to our spiritual nature... 06 Sep 2005

Casting Aside Our Empty Shells

Guns a-blazing, we step out into the limelight and explore our world, over and over again. Always more, more experience, more ideas, more concepts in which to fill our sand box and though we enjoy it all in girlish delight tormented do we become... 31 Mar 2005

I Come For You

I have found Freedom and left it behind so that I could come back for you. Freedom is not the same without you. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I too was a slave to my own desires in the same way that you are a slave to yours. Eternity came... 13 Apr 2004

Ending The 'Quest'

Looking and searching, searching and looking, time after time and still no end comes to our doorstop. No end comes to greet us whereby we may simply and plainly bring to closure our eternal Quest for Victory. Claiming ownership, we battle... 25 Nov 2003

Getting Is The Problem

Fleeting glimpses of the beyond, in the hereafter, will there be such satisfaction as realized here and today. Living in all it's glory, this lifetime provides all. In the reality we call ourselves, we strive for the perfection, never... 11 Oct 2002

Our Time Is Always At Hand

I am the monster of my imagination. I exist purely for the sake of experience and no more. Nothing ensures my day-to-day survivability as the quest for the existence which I imagine. There can be no completion as the quest and the search are one... 15 Oct 2001

Dead Men Tell No Tales

There are always classifications being made to distinguish one creation from another. These creation classifications can take the form of calling something 'beautiful', 'evil', or even 'dead'. The classification of 'dead' versus 'alive' beings... 11 Aug 2001

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