Tag: striving

The Body Electric

Whatever one's background, from wherever one takes a point of view, it can be readily determined that our bodies tend to become our House of Worship. We live, eat and sleep the entirety of our existence within this abode and an enormous amount... 28 Aug 2007

Diving Deep

Diving deep into the unknown, the urge to survive becomes unbearable. It is at that very moment when we finally realize just how far it is that we have gone. Going, we eventually meet our maker. Striving for some treasured moment, we tend to eke... 22 Oct 2002

Coming Home

Awash on the shores of humanity, where is the escape so cleverly promised to one and all? Alone and lost, the tides seemingly ebb and flow of their own accord. United in defense of our imagination, we create the worlds in which we populate... 30 May 2002

So, Where Does It All Leave Us Today?

Striving for some imagined goal, seeking to fulfill ourselves, we scurry to and fro busying ourselves to avoid Ourselves. The mind captures our attention and holds it as if it's life depended upon it, which of course, it does. The Seeker seeks... 12 Feb 2001

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