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What's With All The 'Self' Interest?

Looking around, these days there seems to be a large amount of interest in 'self' words, like the following: self-educateself-rescueself-helpself-checkoutself-governanceself-directedself-determinedself-service... 01 Nov 2013

The Way To Happiness: Food-Body

Perhaps you've heard the term "meat-body". It could describe a human on this planet who thinks that all he is is purely himself or his body. The term could also describe a human who, through a carnivorous diet, becomes the meat he consumes.... 19 Aug 2008

Driving Miss Daisy

A drivers license is a requirement by the State to ensure that a person wishing to freely move about and on the roadways become identified and identifiable. In order to create regimented and orderly activities upon these roadways, the driver... 03 Jan 2008

The Body Electric

Whatever one's background, from wherever one takes a point of view, it can be readily determined that our bodies tend to become our House of Worship. We live, eat and sleep the entirety of our existence within this abode and an enormous amount... 28 Aug 2007

Falling From Grace

This is a conceptual roadmap plotting the Fall from Grace. The sense of awareness in itself creates and defines a separation from our selves, our own true nature. This is, of course, an untruth as we cannot be separate and apart from our... 06 Dec 2006

Speaking With The Dead

Bodily existence can be such a drag. In fact, it is so cumbersome that most people on this planet nurture a 'natural' tendency to inhibit all that which will go beyond the physical. Enveloped in the pain and suffering of a bodily existence, who... 28 Oct 2005

Bodily Confusion

Confusing ourselves with the body, we tend to let physicality dominate our lives and our loves. Once we subvert our nature our efforts come to be directed toward leading a comfortable and safe life. We must care and attend to the body and it's... 23 May 2005

You Are The Captain And The World, Your Ship

We are always in the right place at the right time - right where we need to be. Planning for doomsday removes us from spontaneity, or life itself. Once we fall out of step with that we are as good as dead anyway. The only possible remedy is to... 23 May 2005

Finding The Free Being

Now that the light of day has begun to shine on the 'FreeZone' (contrary to the 'Free Zone'), the question becomes, "How do I find someone who can help me recognize the Free Being that I already am?". The answer is simple. You.... 30 Sep 2002

How To Handle Multiple Bodies

It's really very easy to handle or 'own' multiple bodies simultaneously. There is no special 'talent' needed or even any 'secret' knowledge to be initiated to. There is no inner chamber or rite of passage needed to acquire the ability. All that... 27 Sep 2002

The Reality Of Imagination

What is imagination? For a definition just look around you. Your perception of imagination is borne of filtering 'reality' through the looking glass of the mind. One may see beauty in an object, another sees repelling emotions. The object... 24 Aug 2000

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