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Why Live the Illusion When It Is Not Real

One of the things that I have mentioned quite a bit is that no one can be forced to do that which they are unwilling to do. There are those who make it their life’s work to break a person so that they become willing. Breaking the… 13 Mar 2012

The Fight of Survival

Searching, we discover. What that discovery will come to mean is anyone’s guess, but I can tell you now; without discovery your bonds will still remain. Isn’t that a scary thought? Another scary thought is that once the particular desired state… 11 Jan 2001

At The Pond... of Life

In the forest, there is said to exist a pond within which answers could be gazed upon and questions dissolved. It is said that the Gods were in good favor on that day of creation, when the pond was formed out of Eternity and came into existence…. 19 Jul 2000

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