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The Truth of Today

The truth of today is but the darkness of tomorrow. Seeking the light, we yearn to be free of the truth of our forefathers in much the same way that our progeny shall rid themselves of the wisdom of the ages. The wisdom that was hard fought is... 23 Oct 2009

Carnival Of Life

The loss of self is the motivation for which we yearn to know the self. Folly is what we endeavor to learn. Seeking what we have hidden from ourselves is called mindless busy-work. While we busy ourselves with our own unique "work", Life around... 27 Dec 1999

BTs vs Attention Units

BTs, clusters, monitors, machinery, etc all have one common element. This element is a sort of basic-basic on what these items are really all about and that is Attention Units. What is an Attention Unit? Attention Units are actually theta... 27 Dec 1999

The Purpose, and The Pain

Sacred Cow Forum: Reflections: The Purpose, and The PainBy Paul Misiunas on Sunday, December 26, 1999 - 07:17 pm:The Purpose, and The Pain What a strange title. It seems appropriate for these strange times, but that is another story. The... 26 Dec 1999

Disclaimer of Irresponsibility

Sacred Cow Forum: Reflections: Disclaimer of IrresponsibilityBy Paul Misiunas on Sunday, December 26, 1999 - 07:12 pm:Disclaimer of Irresponsibility I hereby disclaim any haphazard occurrences of seemingly unrelated events that may arise... 26 Dec 1999

The Importance of Related Events

Events created by an individual become influenced by current events in the queue. Sorting out the repercussions of one's own events and those of other's can be quite difficult at times, but if the source of those events are kept in contrast to... 26 Dec 1999

Eternally Ours

The life we seek is not just of our own, but of corresponding resemblances. Our own inner desires, reflected and propagated thru the ether of unmanifestated physical desires. Eternity lies within us all.... 26 Dec 1999


Watching for it's own purposes leads the blind into alleys of darkness that few survive. Many times, it is safer to take action than to observe, but observation does have it's merits. It can lead one to realign existence based upon what has... 26 Dec 1999

Surpassing The Unsurpassable

Surpassing the unsurpassable may seem to be quite the task at hand, but actually, the task is only possible upon taking the standpoint of a new evolved viewpoint. As we grow, our teachers become less and less able, or so it seems. In many cases,... 26 Dec 1999

We Live As We Die

As we live, so shall we die. The only promise that will be kept is one of certainty, and then the bait-and-switch tactic is brought into play. Opposing odds is the business of professionals because these are the ones that truly understand this... 26 Dec 1999

Chance Encounters

Acknowledging others ideas towards greater whole-being survival greatly enhances the sphere of our own individual survival. That is not to say that other's ideas are valid and of sufficient worth whereby they must be relegated to one of... 26 Dec 1999

Thought Processes

Sacred Cow Forum: Reflections: Thought ProcessesBy Paul Misiunas on Sunday, December 26, 1999 - 06:35 pm: Thought progresses from one's own individuality and comes alive upon it's interpretation by those who seem to be currently in a... 26 Dec 1999

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