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The Truth of Today

The truth of today is but the darkness of tomorrow. Seeking the light, we yearn to be free of the truth of our forefathers in much the same way that our progeny shall rid themselves of the wisdom of the ages. The wisdom that was hard fought is… 23 Oct 2009

Carnival Of Life

The loss of self is the motivation for which we yearn to know the self. Folly is what we endeavor to learn. Seeking what we have hidden from ourselves is called mindless busy-work. While we busy ourselves with our own unique “work”, Life around… 27 Dec 1999

BTs vs Attention Units

BTs, clusters, monitors, machinery, etc all have one common element. This element is a sort of basic-basic on what these items are really all about and that is Attention Units. What is an Attention Unit? Attention Units are actually theta… 27 Dec 1999

The Importance of Related Events

Events created by an individual become influenced by current events in the queue. Sorting out the repercussions of one’s own events and those of other’s can be quite difficult at times, but if the source of those events are kept in contrast to… 26 Dec 1999

Eternally Ours

The life we seek is not just of our own, but of corresponding resemblances. Our own inner desires, reflected and propagated thru the ether of unmanifestated physical desires. Eternity lies within us all… 26 Dec 1999


Watching for it’s own purposes leads the blind into alleys of darkness that few survive. Many times, it is safer to take action than to observe, but observation does have it's merits. It can lead one to realign existence based upon what has… 26 Dec 1999

Surpassing The Unsurpassable

Surpassing the unsurpassable may seem to be quite the task at hand, but actually, the task is only possible upon taking the standpoint of a new evolved viewpoint. As we grow, our teachers become less and less able, or so it seems. In many cases,… 26 Dec 1999

We Live As We Die

As we live, so shall we die. The only promise that will be kept is one of certainty, and then the bait-and-switch tactic is brought into play. Opposing odds is the business of professionals because these are the ones that truly understand this… 26 Dec 1999

Chance Encounters

Acknowledging others ideas towards greater whole-being survival greatly enhances the sphere of our own individual survival. That is not to say that other's ideas are valid and of sufficient worth whereby they must be relegated to one of… 26 Dec 1999

Where Is the Savior?

This is another message in our continuing effort to provide the public with honest and fully truthful information. This organization has attempted to convince the public that L. Ron Hubbard is the one and only savior of the human race. He is the… 04 Dec 1999

Spamming for Religious Freedom

Scienotology holds Spamming as an immortal spiritual right whose practice extends well beyond one lifetime. Scienotologists however, do not confuse past Spamming with current Spamming, which is a Karmic concept in Eastern religions and has come… 16 Sep 1999

Technological Advancement and the Deification of Originators

This is another message in our continuing effort to provide the public with honest and fully truthful information. The technology of clearing spiritually perceived areas of upset is a wonderful endeavor in which many have ventured, but in which… 02 Sep 1999

Plagil's Take On Current Affairs

There always comes a time when we begin to feel the overwhelming urge to respond in some fashion to an outside influence that has somehow impinged upon us. When this occurs then it is we ourselves who we are fighting against when our… 12 Aug 1999

The Kingman Org

(A hopeful fantasy that someday may be true!).. 27 Jun 1999

Through the Mind, Disasters Do Happen

This is another message in our continuing effort to provide the public with honest and fully truthful information.As of late, there is much communication being thrown about as a result of a few, seemingly unrelated, events. Of course,… 09 Jun 1999

The Laws Of Justice

This is another message in our continuing effort to provide the public with honest and fully truthfull information. Justice is not a new idea. It was not invented by our organization even though much has been written regarding this dangerous… 13 May 1999

Where Did We Go Wrong?

This is another message in our continuing series of truthful, public disclosure.Wrongness and rightness are terms that are relative and in that relativity there exists much room for exploration. We have explored much in the years past… 13 May 1999

FZA.ORG: The State of Case, A Personal Report

As a few of you have noticed, the main page at fza.org has taken on a “new” look. I hope that you have been enjoying this change and have taken a moment to reflect upon the current state of clearing in all of it’s physical and/or “theta” facets…. 27 Apr 1999

Has the World Gone Mad?

This is another message in our continuing effort to provide the public with honest and fully truthful information.Madness, or more exactly, insanity, seems to be in a heightened frenzy these days. There is a cause for this, as there is… 07 Apr 1999

That Which We Resist, We Become

This is another message in our continuing series of truthful, public disclosure. Recently, there appeared on several Internet newsgroups, a message from one of our former members. This message was a last ditch effort to open a communication line… 25 Mar 1999

Electro-Valence Deprivation-Perception

Being held in an electronic suspension, where the thetan cannot pull or push against the walls. This is for the benefit of being isolated so that the full effect of the external valence can be experienced. The lure of this new experience is that… 11 Mar 1999

Playing Any Game Is Better Than Playing No Game at All

That special time of the year is drawing nigh and brings up an interesting point - Games. For some, a game is a unique challenge in which to define and test the various limits of “rules”. For others, it is a chance to be able to overcome… 08 Mar 1999

Watching Eyes Never Blink

Although our organization has the support of various government officials and agencies, we nevertheless continue to believe that beneficial effects of clearing technology can be had by the general populous. We can honestly say that our visions… 11 Feb 1999

You Honor Us With Your Actions

Our last public message titled “SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE” has received an honorable mention by our rouge OSA agents - the very same ones who were discussed in an earlier message titled “ROGUE AGENTS: OSA OPERATIVES”. We thank these agents for… 03 Feb 1999

Sex, Lies and Videotape

You thought we had it all. A promise to gain freedom, a promise of being fully accepted as one of us, a promise of ethical truth. We may have entirely failed in these promises, but we would like you to know that these promises are not limited to… 03 Feb 1999

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