Tag: judgement

In Judgement We Come, In Judgement We Go

There is no time like the present. All happens in a moment and yet we seem enraptured by it's inexplicable detail, driving towards an insanity that we would rather not forget and as we dive headlong into the abyss of knowledge there is no air.... 21 Sep 2022

Riddle Me This

In the last twilight of our dreams waking moments drift as if upon the sands of time. Wandering the streets of fire we eventually come to a dead-end pass where the good guys and bad guys deserve their just reward. From one side of the fence to... 20 Feb 2021

Ignoring The Ignoble

Pestering sentiment requires one to be of solid mind and in so doing reclaim a forgotten template of things past. There is no movement and so with a dearth of time dependent occurrences there comes a time of determination of which few will... 30 Jan 2021

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