Tag: plan

Watch The Speed Bumps

In the interest of science I have decided to leave my body to rot out in the wilderness so as to demonstrate that all life comes full circle. There is no way but in reality this game we call'life' is anything but. In wondering who we are... 10 Nov 2023

Captured And Enveloped With A Sense Of Purpose

Isn't living life with purpose such a pleasant and rewarding experience. Think of it, to come out the other side with pride is something noteworthy enough to provide us with a sense of purpose and plan. How could we not. All eyes are upon us.... 29 Oct 2022

Every Single Thing

In trespassing we find purpose, sometimes especially when we least expect it. Our point of view carries us forward and then after a while we find out that it actually pushes us forward, many times to our detriment. In the pits of hell we do... 13 Feb 2021

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