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Opening The Eye of Horus

Sleepily the denizens acceptance of all that is wanders as the gaze falters upon the steps of majesty. Never reaching and then over reaching, the circuitous route to 'heaven' seems never ending. In it's justification, all seem right and true. 23 Dec 2023

Dive, Dive, Dive!

Diving into the deep waters of Life and Living requires one to hold the breath for an extended period of time. It's not that it's required to hold the breath but it's become standard practice. Mind games are like that, rigorous proclamations... 21 Feb 2023

Houston We Have A Problem

End times require a special cast of characters. The times in which one has found themselves pretty much sums it all up. In definition we find purpose and plan, as least for those with poor eyesight. It's true, these are the times which try Man's... 01 Dec 2022

Nothing Much Happens Here

Here is where not much of anything happens. Not even close to noteworthy are the events which pass before the field of so-called vision like ghosts from beyond the nether regions. Though events may enjoy a subsistence life-style in both micro... 09 Aug 2020

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