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Catch The Wave... Again

Did you notice? Last weekend there were some big rumblings in the universe and even though it sometimes seems only those who are intuitive enough to notice are aware of such things well… it usually is true. The thing about reality is that when… 11 Nov 2016

Good For Nothing

I’m good for nothing It’s true, I am good for nothing, especially lately… 09 Nov 2016

Shapers, Movers and Things That Don't Go *Bump* In the Night

Is there a break in the storm? No, it’s not a ‘break’, it’s a change in direction. Ya-Hoo!.. 04 Nov 2016

Turn Against Us

“We have entered the time when all will turn against us and seek our lives.” Dune (1984).. 26 Sep 2016

Good-bye And Thanks For All The Fish

It’s true, when it’s time to say goodbye then it’s time to say it and not spray it all over the wall of ‘look at me, ain’t I grand’ showcase where all the hookers go for rest and relaxation. Ahh yes, those were the days my friends where… 21 Sep 2016

About Me

I’ve decided that with so many people out there who feel that their importance is quite justified I am going to write a little something about me. Yes, I am. In a nutshell I can tell you that I am a nobody doing nothing of any import. My… 21 Sep 2016

Self-Infested Shark Waters

Some like to carry around with them the idea that their only hope of ‘survival’ is to do as the little sharkies do when swimming around in bloody waters. Being like someone else makes me laugh. Lots of people will emulate those with whom they… 20 Sep 2016

Marketing Devices

“Logic and critical thinking skills are vital to successful and sensible living, and are sorely lacking in modern education. If we can provide someone with the ability to think better, we then give that person the ability to successfully and… 20 Sep 2016

Photo Op

I like this picture. .. 01 Sep 2016

Ok, So What Gives?

I’m a vagabond, the idea of home is something that I carry with me so taking up residence in one locale for a while is nothing special, strange or meaningful in any way. I do leave breadcrumbs and for some demented reason watch the trail come… 29 Aug 2016

Crazy Talk From A Crazy Lady

Yeah like the title says, it’s just plain ol’ crazy. For the sleep-induced, those who overwhelmingly rely upon the contagion of mind-induced ‘ideas’ to be spread, multiplied and fruit-full this type of stuff is just plain crazy. It’s just… 29 Aug 2016

Rainy Days And Ever Mores

I was alive once and then right at that very moment when I got distracted by something just tugging on my attention nugget, plop. I step into a pothole just brimming with liquid sky. Now why on Earth would I have worn those funny looking… 28 Aug 2016

Beings Are Such Funny Creations

This is a message broadcast publicly but intended privately. What the hell does that mean? It means that if you are reading this then you obviously picked up something along the way. Better have that checked out - I wouldn’t want anyone to be… 25 Aug 2016

It's All Fun And Games Until...

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. The tendency, even though no one wants to admit it, is that watchers love watching. It’s like a drug-induced high where enough is just never enough and in the unfolding screen play there must of… 17 Aug 2016

A Collection of Things

Here is a collection that tells you something about me. Maybe it’s just fond memories, fancy-full delights or even ‘special’ Kodak moments. Whatever. I still like these pictograms, maybe you will too. .. 30 Jun 2016

A Friendly Reminder

“Friends…, friends…., who needs friends…” says the mad scientist from Day of the Tentacle. I loved that game when it came out, probably one of the very few that I enjoyed. It didn’t help that I spent quite a bit of time trying to get a… 24 May 2016

When Worlds Collide

Coming into so-called ‘birth’ we arrive quite content in our own little corner of the universe. That which precedes us, since time immemorial, is our own perception of our ‘exterior’ environment. Filtering life we emerge ready for a full and… 30 Apr 2016

So, What's It Gonna Be?

I like those things which can only be found off the beaten path of a normalcy rooted in deception. I don’t buy the American Dream, not by a long shot. If ever there was a case that demonstrated a being giving away their existence in order to… 25 Apr 2016

Love, War And Then...

Humanity has this compulsion to always be right, to assume victory even through ill-gotten gains in which case ‘victory’ becomes nothing but a redefinition of someone’s personal hell. Speaking of which, it is through those doors that for some… 25 Apr 2016


Nothing to see here, move along… Criminals. They’re everywhere. From the pit of humanity to the upper echelons of a society gone mad, every nook and cranny whether in the ‘light’ or down the dark recesses of shadows in the land of smoke and… 25 Apr 2016

Socks For Children

This post sort of expands on the previous one but mainly presents a different facet of the same. Just for kicks, I’m going to include a real life example. See what you think. .. 07 Apr 2016

The God of Commerce

There are many different types of systems that can be used as a basis for common understanding. A community of people typically requires a basis from which to conduct themselves so that balance can be achieved within the set of conditions… 07 Apr 2016

A Good Story By The Fireplace

I’ve been listening to a few audio interviews on youtube about personal experiences that deal with an individual’s action and reaction with the known universe, off the beaten path of course. I always enjoy a good story, television just can’t… 06 Apr 2016

In Motion, No Commotion

A mind not in motion creates commotion. I’m gonna sell this... 04 Apr 2016

Old Time Pickle Barrel Game Show

Digging down to the truth of the matter sometimes leaves you with hitting the bottom of the barrel. I mean, there’s just no where else to go because the bottom of the barrel is, well, the bottom. That’s it. Going beyond that is like entering… 04 Apr 2016

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