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Flesh Eating Zombies aka Parental Guidance

A while ago a I came across The Ruiner’s blog and really enjoyed the show. And then when he completed that I enjoyed it even more just because of the clearly defined purpose exhibited. I love it when someone tells the tale without the… 02 Nov 2015

I Ate The One Who Cared Enough Not To

First a story. Partaking of the riches we place before us we tend to lean back in our chairs as if in an afterthought all the while digesting our humble beginnings and determining that yes indeed, we have overcome fate to the point where we are… 29 Oct 2015

Places To Go and No One To See

Who or what is this thing called God. God is dog spelled backwards. Spelling it sideways reveals “Oh My God!” Upside down it becomes ‘bad dog!’ Reversing it in the mirror of life and living it becomes lust, greed, power and the American way of… 29 Oct 2015

Like, Is and the Puppeteer

There is a very distinct difference for me between that which I like and that which is. In the realm of like there are those things which I would prefer to be or not to be. Like for instance, I would like for there not to be a wall of… 29 Oct 2015

In The Day of Reckoning

Karma? If one believes in that sort of thing then it is very, very, and I quote, ‘real’. But that is not what this is about. Perhaps it is more than just a turn of the wheel, a spin of the dial or even a time loopy-de-loop on the roller… 27 Oct 2015

Southern Hospitality

A moment of pause, an evening of remembrance and a fist full of dollars. I know, it’s a crazy, crazy world isn’t it? With all the wagons circling, the trains running late and the runways blocked where oh where can he be? Living in a well of… 15 Sep 2015

Grace From Heaven

Falling from Grace, do we then recover? Are we even able to do such? Perhaps it is in the falling that one finds redemption but there really is little use for recovering ‘alcoholics’ who need a nice and long path to the fields of a heaven firmly… 03 Aug 2015

Life Is To Be Lived

With all the talk about ‘safety’ and ‘security’ in order to ‘keep people safe’ is there any thought whatsoever of the context which this lies within. In a dangerous and dark society there becomes a ‘need’ for safety and security. In an open and… 29 Jul 2015

Are We There yet?

Ultimately the fall of Man becomes the fall of that part of ourselves which delves into the mucky and murky depths of an unknown past which of course belies the fact that our existence entirely depends upon our birthright. From whence do we… 23 Jun 2015

Laying Waste To Sanity

Man on this planet is such a curious thing, bordering on the edge of fright. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that animals do soil their own nest. But that is in appearance only because my answer is that perhaps, just perhaps,… 03 Apr 2015

In The Beginning Was the Word...

There is always a beginning and there is always some sort of utterance made to the effect that Frankenstein, while laying prone on the cold hard steel and being subjected to exterior electrical impulses, proclaims, “I live!”. While that may… 01 Apr 2015

Alice In Wonderland

Years ago I used the screen name of alice during a posting episode to reflect particular traits which were desired at the time. In reviewing some of those posts the purpose certainly stands prominent. I just wanted to lay this in the concrete,… 26 Feb 2015

Happy Now?

Is it all quiet on the western front or I am just reliving an old movie, comfortable in the fact that that huge bucket of popcorn will far outlast the big gulp in other hand. But on the other hand a restroom run is sure to give it all away so I… 13 Feb 2015

Entertaining Entrails

Head and over heels there is nothing like the past with which so many personages regale themselves, and others, with fine, fine detail and desire. Through the looking glass the kaleidescope of colors; of nectaring the heavens with one’s very own… 04 Feb 2015


All lives were lost at sea. Those voices you hear are just the shallow echoes of your own rumblings. Mistaking them for something else provides endless entertainment… 01 Feb 2015

Broken Bones

Which craft is supposedly doggedly determined to undermine the effluent manners of pigs and dinosaurs and in so doing relegate the newspaper to puppy love all the while eating Rahoul at the stake. Churning and burning with hate and desire the… 01 Feb 2015

Forever Young

I was cleaning up some unfinished business and I couldn’t help but notice that this needed just a little bit more attention. This is based off of a previous post called Selling The Truth, Or Is That Buying A Lie?. .. 01 Feb 2015

Manufactured Society

I look around and am amazed at how every aspect of life is controlled, manipulated, adjusted and fenced off. Like cattle through the gateway, the mass called humanity is tenderly cared for so as not to harm the merchandise - unless of course… 31 Jan 2015

Shut It Down

What is the name of that movie where people live out an existence as defined by puppet masters from outer space? Ah yes, it’s called ‘Dark City’. And it is a dark and dreary existence… 31 Jan 2015

Battling The Defensive Forces

I am my own enemy. Have you ever woken up one morning and straight out of the blue just decided to change your own thinking, just because you can. Have you ever taken on the responsibly of being in two, or more, places at once just so that every… 30 Jan 2015

In The Image of Cruelty

I find cruelty, in all it’s forms, to be abhorrent to my own nature. Perhaps it is because I do not include such things in my experiential baggage or perhaps the reason for my rejection is that I take no pleasure in such force-full pursuits… 16 Jan 2015

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