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I must have been bored because I ran across this: ... 28 Jun 2018

Selling The Truth, Or Is That Buying A Lie?

"We seek the truth and integrity of spiritual wisdom and human potential to co-create a healthy and peaceful world. " I love that byline found at the website, spiritofmaat.com.... 31 Jan 2015

Providing the Context

There really isn't anything to say therefore I am saying something in order to point out the absurdity of it all. Like the freight train of thought which passes through town very quickly and with a clearly defined purpose quite out of mind, the... 07 Dec 2014

Here Lies An Event

Here lies an event that occurred without regularity and indeed specified, an individual exact event in which the object of our nature reinterpreted itself and therefore created something to not only view but to experience to a degree through... 23 Nov 2014

Operational Guidance

When there are more than enough slaves to go around its time to cull the herd. 23 Oct 2014

What If...

What if the purpose of World War II was to destroy what is called The New World Order. What if the history books and the plethora of 'facts and figures' describing a particular view of that time period were indeed, false, as in completely?... 13 Oct 2014

Conservation of Energy

Wasting a finite resource we are told, is something worthy of disgrace, prosecution and imprisonment - not necessarily in that order. To capriciously and with complete disregard for law and order, waste something of limited and esteemed value... 10 Oct 2014

Doing The Right Thing

Many people proclaim that they know that doing the right thing is about doing what is right, about following one's heart to overcome any and all odds to bring balance and harmony to any given situation. And when that proclamation expires out... 03 Oct 2014

Asking And Receiving

There is no asking, only receiving. 02 Oct 2014


I am going to try to show the process of hesitation. Strange, but true. When aligning one's self parallel to a particular reality something must be done with the knowledge, insight and wisdom divergent from that reality. Since there is no... 01 Oct 2014

Ex and In

There are two types of perceptive awareness, one I'll call Inclusive and the other, Exclusive. Both sides of the coin rest upon the state of awareness being flat-lined or in other words potential awareness without expression. Now that I've... 29 Sep 2014

The Creaking of the Floor Boards

I would suggest that you turn around and look. 24 Sep 2014

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