Theme Changer

It’s true, you can change the way you look at this web site. But there is a catch. The catch is that a cookie needs to be used so that the theme you select can be carried throughout your carousing and browsing at Gathering Minds.

Here is the lineup.

  1. Default : White on black, real plain and simple-like. Just the way I like things — plain, simple and easy on my eyes. Your mileage may vary a great deal on that one as my eyes are already taken. Sorry.

  2. Old Blog : It’s similar to the theme of the old blog that was around during the dinosaurs. I always liked this one too so here it is.

  3. Light : Something I threw together without a lot of thought, mainly because, well… I like the default (at least for now). Hopefully it will work well enough for those who don’t like the darker side of things.

  4. Oldie But Goodie : Based upon another one dug up from the past. I like this one too, plain and simple but then again I’m not selling anything either.

Since everybody has different needs, eyeballs and perspectives on life I’d take requests but it would take a lifetime to cover them all so four options will have to do for now. No bodies perfect.

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