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The Wall of Fire

In one particular ‘philosophy’ there came to exist a thing called The Wall of Fire. This is not about that and never has been. In this universe time and times come and go like the plagues that they are. (If one does indeed need such then of…

Look, It's Xenu!

Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding Elvis I wanted to put something into perspective regarding OT III, sometimes called The Wall of Fire. There are no accidents and there is no such thing as a ‘coincidence’.

The Codes Of A Loyal Officer

note@|* This is an extract. See [Codes Of A Loyal Officer for the full context in which this posting appeared./note]

Codes Of A Loyal Officer

Posted to the discussion forumDate: 2001-11-27 10:37 This repost is from a post of mine to the old forum. I’ve chopped out most of the responses from that topic to keep this short, so if you want to catch the entire scope of it all go…

The Nobility of Being an Officer

After the Wall of Fire, there were a number of Officers who became disoriented, confused, bodiless and more importantly, introspective. It has come to be called The Sleep of Forgetfulness and there are a number of different reasons for the…

The Xenu Cult

“We aren’t any cult that believes some outrageous nonsense about demons and devils and we aren’t any get-rich-quick scheme and might even succeed better if we were.”~~] Ability,Issue 83, 1958, The Magazine of Dianetics and Scientology,…

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