Tag: waiting

All Things Come To Pass

As watch idly standing by the Universe unfold all things come to pass and as these very same things come to our doorstep, we run into the night terrorized beyond belief stumbling to and fro trying to gather our wits and yet failing... 11 Sep 2022

Watching... Waiting...

Man is quite ineffectual at creating change. All through time and space Man's state of being has remained unchanged. In the absence of self-inspection one's outward expression takes root and expands it's form out into the universe for effect.... 26 Feb 2008

What Are We Waiting For?

Waiting, it is such an interesting game is it not? To hold in suspension everything that exists until such time as we feel that it becomes 'our' time. As the clock ticks by, so too, do we. Where is it that we are headed as we hold ourselves in... 18 Apr 2005

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