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About This Web Site

Please note that this is an obsolete page. … 09 Sep 2010

Questions & Answers

Q: I’m confused. Your site makes mention of Scientology quite a bit and yet you also have various things about other philosophies. So what is the web site really all about? Are you or are you not a Scientologist? Great questions. There is… 19 Aug 2008

Climbing Stairs To Perpetuity

Ever seeking, we tend to train our minds to always look exterior to our selves, to always focus it’s attention and drive in acquiring solutions to our problems from our environment. Once this ingrained thought becomes second nature we no longer… 13 Dec 2006

Who Are You. No, Really.

This is an acknowledgment to those who are regular visitors here, to those who find their way here fairly regularly in whatever time frame that happens in. Greetings!… 12 Dec 2006

A Viewpoint

A viewpoint is defined as being a point from which one views. Who or what views is not in the equation and neither is that which is viewed. It’s just a perspective which one assumes in order to receive sensory information. Accordingly, this… 06 Dec 2006

Filing Away The Universe For Future Reference

This web site is a mess. No known organizational method is applicable when it comes to referencing such closely inter-related material as found here. Categories serve their purpose so as to make a more “mind-friendly” introduction, but… 06 Dec 2006

Falling From Grace

This is a conceptual roadmap plotting the Fall from Grace. The sense of awareness in itself creates and defines a separation from our selves, our own true nature. This is, of course, an untruth as we cannot be separate and apart from our… 06 Dec 2006

A Few Definitions

Listed below are some definitions of words which may be encountered while traveling this website. These definitions are not meant to be all inclusive and not all words will be listed here. There are many places on the Internet where definitions… 05 Dec 2006

Old Worthless Background Information

This web site came into existence for the sole purpose of placing various things and such on the Internet. Perhaps, or perhaps not, others might ‘get’ something out of it all, but one can only hope not. If nothing else, perhaps the stepping… 05 Dec 2006

Another Day Dream

It’s a big Universe. A really, really big universe. But that means very little when it comes to our own self revelation as anything and everything ‘outside’ of our selves means diddly squat. In view of that, there have been a few changes made to… 05 Dec 2006

Carried Away

In interest we rise and in boredom we fall. Our minds are like silly putty, capturing and embracing all that our senses spy and when change repeats itself, when lack of new, interesting, stimulus becomes vacated, our minds return to it’s… 04 Dec 2006


This report entails various aspects of certain missions and undertakings. The “church”, by and large, is a product of those who have gone before. Presently, the dubious honor of Master of the Helm goes to Jonesy. Greetings and salutations to… 28 Nov 2006

Council Of Elders

It’s very strange. How does one single, small body of beings come to be looked upon with so many variances of color, character and form? It’s almost as if the one who views the subject provides the interpretation, and substance, of it’s… 01 Nov 2006

The Fallacy Of Chaining Technology

Following chains of related targeted items in order to release the top level symptoms of disagreement is not always in the best interest of the process itself. The purpose and plan of being the bloodhound as one follows the scent is a bit rigid… 01 Nov 2006

Post Electorial Results

These are the times which try man’s soul. From circumventing the inevitable to the destruction of what is, avoidance is, and remains, something which is to be shunned and not spoken of. The Grand Council has elected to fullfill their duties as… 24 Oct 2006

What's That Smell?

Do you smell it? If one were to extend their senses and allow the intake of experience to make itself known, what would be the result? Upon the air of awareness there lies the fact that Darkness, that inherent factor to which so many either… 19 Oct 2006

Charity Is Your Birth-Right

In so choosing to be imprisoned we become a role model and poster child for the feeble minded dominators who not only wish us ill, but who also wish us to remain ever sedated and isolated. Awareness of being requires insight into our very nature… 12 Oct 2006

The First Peoples Choice

Upon creating a planetary body designed for specific purposes and goals, certain particulars which describe that creation remain attached to it and therefore can be used, by those so wishing, to acquire knowledge on and about it. Consider the… 12 Oct 2006

The Creation Of Beingness

Out of the movement of our selves there comes to be ‘created’ beingness and this beingness is where we come to call home, the center of universe. This is indeed where all is viewed from and becomes characterized over time and space into having… 06 Oct 2006

Scientology: The Rise And Fall

One fine day many, many years ago there began an internal dialogue rooted in wonderment as to what makes great men great. What is it that elevates mortal man into Stratospheric heights of thinking and being that defies ordinary concepts and… 05 Oct 2006

Movement In The Free Zone

It’s true. As movement occurs things in this Universe just ‘happen’, at least that is the appearance for those who enjoy their own appearance to a much greater degree. Despite all that, it can be said that the Free Zone is no long a viable… 03 Oct 2006

A Magic Carpet Ride

Well boys and girls, it’s time to shake loose the carpet and watch the dust particles fly. Take heart for all is not right in the state of union and therefore, because of it’s timely demise, the ends come to justify the means. Here we find what… 03 Oct 2006

Expanded: Contact With Free Zone

From FZA: Some Q & A’s: … 12 Sep 2006

What Is True For You, Is True For You

Truth can be a slippery slope, a narcissistic adventure where we end up someplace completely different than where we started and that end point is typically w-a-y off the mark. Our truth then becomes whatever we wish it to be. In this ploy of… 12 Sep 2006

We Create Our Own

In a gathering storm particles collide with a symphonic wave of enthusiasm known only unto itself. There is a method to all the madness but unless one knows the dance step, all seems lost and at the very least, incomprehensible. It is not our… 11 Sep 2006

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