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Dear Diary

‘Ain’t from around here, are ya’ It’s true. Maybe that’s why I stay under the radar so much. Of course the other reason is that I’m but a scared whittle boy afraid to do anything…. anything at all.

Criss-Crossing the Night Away...

What do you get when you cross religion with capitalism? The answer is, of course, the New Age.

Time Flies, But Does It Ever Get Tired?

Time is running out! You’ve heard it all before. Limitation, lack and just plain ‘ol destitution. No time for this, no time for that and especially no time for doing what is right. Busy, busy, busy… It makes the mind spin and spin just…

The Killing Fields

It’s called planet ‘Earth’, home to the rich and fabulous, beggar to the god of Capitalism. The ‘economy’ is such a hot topic in materialism since it’s heart and soul lies in climbing up the food chain with a fist full of dollars in order to…

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