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Postcards From The Edge

In an age of disparity I stand alone. We all stand alone so it's no 'big' deal. As we stand alone in our stance and dance of creation all things encircle us. Reflecting our expression we reap what we sow purposely and in planning such the future... 01 Mar 2024

Here We Go... Again

I seem to have lost the ability to ponder and wonder at the plight of Man and... beast. It's not the first time, who knows whether it will be the last or not. In either case if sharing is caring then please ignore me to the best of your... 19 Jul 2020

Born Into Confusion

Waking up we many times find ourselves in a strange and unusual world where we are well outside of it's push and pull and thereby completely free of it's effects. As we gaze upon the lands of our birth our attention wanders and as it wanders we... 08 Aug 2005

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