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Forever Young

I was cleaning up some unfinished business and I couldn’t help but notice that this needed just a little bit more attention. This is based off of a previous post called Selling The Truth, Or Is That Buying A Lie?.

Surviving The Maelstrom* Called 'Me'

The question is - can it be survived? And the answer is, of course, no.

Finding The Free Being

Now that the light of day has begun to shine on the ‘FreeZone’ (contrary to the ‘Free Zone’), the question becomes, “How do I find someone who can help me recognize the Free Being that I already am?”. The answer is simple. You.

Awaiting Your Arrival

It could be looked upon that in the entirety of existence there is the one and only path of true knowledge. All others would then be viewed as being subservient and therefore frivolous. Is there one and only one way to achieve spiritual freedom?…

The Tomb Of The Unknown Pharaoh

Spiritual fruition, in the coming year, will be plentiful. What has been sowed will be reaped and as we float along in “time” our efforts begin to become less agonizing. The mark of greatness is not what is said. It is not measured in the…

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