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Wishing Upon A Star

Wishing upon a star against the backdrop of the deep dark blackness of space, loneliness comes full circle and impacts the ground below and above our feet planting us firmly upon the firmament of time, space and the joy of sorrows yet to come to… 21 Jan 2021

Edging The Winds

Walking down the street along the edge of time we tend to discover and re-cover those things which impinge upon on our ‘good will’. Looking out across the vastness of emptiness called space we see and even then we refuse to believe. Oh the… 19 Mar 2018

Coming Face-to-Face With One's Self

Facing one’s self is another way of looking in the mirror of Life and Living and coming away with a new respect for what is. All that we see is what we see, no more and no less and when we become enamored with our perspective we glorify… 04 Jan 2012

For He Who Sees, Knows

Chasing our tails, we seem to forever get caught in the whirling vortex of our wake. Thoughts fly in all directions and so do we. Chasing them all, we become scattered and fragmented, lost in the effort. Breaking free is not considered an option… 22 Apr 2005

Life's Purpose

We are all born and we all die. This is true in both a physical sense and in a characteristic fashion. If one know’s that our current life is nothing but a continuation of our previous ones then it can be surmised that each and every life has a… 15 Apr 2005

I Came, I Saw, I Ran Away As Fast As I Could

It’s not always easy to see oneself without all kinds of thoughts and images getting in the way, but it becomes imperative to at least try if one is to set foot upon the path of intelligence. It takes quite of bit of intelligence to see. So much… 02 Dec 2003

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