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Normalizing Fluctuation

Trends tend to drift over time. They never stay the same as originally intended due to various factors including alter-intention and greed. Morphing itself, the trend can sometimes even turn out to be completely disrelated to it's origin, or... 21 Nov 2002

Hours In The Chair

I recently noticed the following extract, posted by Ralph Hilton to the Marcabian bulletin board called alt.clearing.technology: From: Ralph Hilton <ralph@fzint.org>Newsgroups: alt.clearing.technologySubject: Re: Ron on... 18 Nov 2002

My Final Answer To The Question...

My final answer to the question: WHAT IS THE FIRST CODE OF A LOYAL OFFICER?... 16 Nov 2002

Into The Ocean Of Bliss

The word 'bliss' is such a funny word. Not only does it conjure up images of some enraptured state beyond the reach of mortal man, but it also connotates some wistful state of non-existence similar to a druggie's high. The truth is that it... 16 Nov 2002

Marcabian Newsgroup

alt.clearing.technology is a newsgroup by, and for, Marcabians. Even the Marcabians themselves don't like it and that should tell you something of the nature of that newsgroup. Mostly, what you will find being discussed are egotistical ramblings... 06 Nov 2002

Using Stats For False Report

Sometimes, you will see various people in the 'freezone' using statistics as a means of justification of their rightness. What is interesting about this justification thru numbers is the fact that the reverse Scientology that is being practiced... 06 Nov 2002


Oldies but... well, oldies. Here are a few little tidbits from the past. Most of these don't have endings, so if you like that part the best, give 'em a pass. Remember, these are just oldies for fun - which haven't seen the light of day before,... 06 Nov 2002

We Three Kings

There are always wise men through the Ages which have come forward in their time of need. Never forsaking their origins, these 'kings', wreak havoc of a different nature. Changing themselves, the universe changes and in it's glorious... 04 Nov 2002

12 Points of Conditional Demarcation

1.Teegeeack is a "no-fly" zone. All unauthorized flights into the area will be terminated without prejudice. 2.Teegeeack is off limits to travel by any and all means of transportive devices.... 04 Nov 2002

Making Scientology 'Better'

All through history there are examples of great men and women performing great deeds, the repercussions of which are felt even today. Greatness isn't confined to one single individual or entity, but allows the capacity for all to be great. The... 29 Oct 2002


From: "Alan C. Walter"Subject: Case LabelsDate: 1999/05/26Newsgroups: alt.clearing.technology&According to Alan, if an individual is 'lucky enough', by exhibiting and embellishing upon contra-survival modes of behavior,... 28 Oct 2002

'Independent What?'

Alan Walter says that he is part of the 'Independent' field. I wonder if what he really means to say is 'Independent Scientology'. Of course, that could not be true because Alan Walter is not a Scientologist. How is this ascertained? Simple -... 28 Oct 2002

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