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Things That Go *Bump* In The Night

Night time is the time of fear, of darkness and limited perception. When the sun goes down all of our hopes and dreams die along with it. We yearn for the morning and of the light of knowledge to come. One such fear is Marcabian in nature.... 22 Jan 2008

Free Zone Decree Info

The NON-INTERFERENCE DECREE on Sector 9 was received on Earth on the 29th April 1982 at 1200 GMT. It states, (as relayed from Mainship, Sector 9): "The stars in this Sector are under a Non-Interference Decree from Galactic Central - Grand... 14 Apr 2004

Marcabian Newsgroup

alt.clearing.technology is a newsgroup by, and for, Marcabians. Even the Marcabians themselves don't like it and that should tell you something of the nature of that newsgroup. Mostly, what you will find being discussed are egotistical ramblings... 06 Nov 2002

Fire In The Sky

Marcabians, the current 'rulers' in this little corner of the galaxy, pride themselves on being able to wear the emblems and adornments of "greatness". Of course sometimes, titles and regalia are located purely in the head. As you may know, or... 17 Oct 2002


I thought that I would make this announcement just so that everyone would know that I've changed my mind. But before I mention that, I have to fill in some background data first. I'm not a player. I'm not a piece. And yet I can be one, or both... 11 Dec 2001

Markabian Climatic Changes

Changes occur as they always do by a perception of necessity and desire. Through control, power is deemed to be demonstrated and through that demonstration authoritarian lines of respect, along with the proper humility, are hammered home. Power,... 03 Dec 2001

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