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With Abilities Gained

Gaining is like experiencing, both are simply a matter of collecting. Whether one collects thoughts or bottle caps it makes no difference as both rely upon the one who creates and in that creation reality sings. But is this the reality that one... 01 Jun 2005

Gaining Abilities

Abilities are such wonderfull 'talents' to have aren't they? Knowing who is calling on the phone before picking it up can be quite useful. Missing the plane and moments later realizing that it could have been you on that fateful journey. Or how... 02 Oct 2002

Theta Traps

Imagine going to the circus and at the 'freak' show, the announcer comes onto the stage and begins to captivate the audience with his mannerisms and his flowing words, explaining in great detail the wonders to behold. As a member of the... 07 Nov 2001

Knowing How To Know

I have completed my duties, I am full-filled. There is nothing more which could express the momentum of change which has not been said. Once filled, emptiness assumes importance, once again. Beyond the circle of our destiny, there lies nothing.... 25 Aug 2001

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