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Are You Still Having Fun?

Out of the Breath of Life we see Ourselves so very clearly. Demonstrated, we become what we see and envision the future we suddenly find ourselves immersed within. Grasping, our bewilderment show itself in the incapacity to understand our… 06 Mar 2001

I Am, Said The Duck

Said the duck to the shore,”I shall swim and swimand be upon you beforeyou know it.” Shore responds to duck,”Swim with all thy mightand the banks of lovewill surely embracethy presence.”.. 02 Mar 2001

Rejoicing In The Death Of You

Lost in a world where Man rules, where is the exit so easily hidden from our perceptive embraces? Lonely and wondering amidst the embers of a dying flame we search and seek the hand of just righteousness declaring in wonder the beauty of… 26 Feb 2001

Discoveries, Where Would We Be Without Them?

There is always something to discover. A new process, a new idea, some inner realization about some minute aspect of Ourselves. Always, there is something in which we busy ourselves, searching, revealing and then searching again. The Wheel of… 19 Feb 2001

Are You Having A Good Day?

“Who Am I?” Ask the question and determine the response received. If the echo comes as “Me” or “I”, then the response mechanism being employed is none other than the imagination of the mind. Stillness of a response indicates something else. That… 12 Feb 2001

So, Where Does It All Leave Us Today?

Striving for some imagined goal, seeking to fulfill ourselves, we scurry to and fro busying ourselves to avoid Ourselves. The mind captures our attention and holds it as if it’s life depended upon it, which of course, it does. The Seeker seeks… 12 Feb 2001

Making The World In Our Own Image

News and views related to clearing technology can be found in a variety of sources, but it seems that the best source of all are the back alleys of the Internet. Of course, these ‘back alleys’ are not restricted to the Internet alone, but… 11 Feb 2001

Spiritual Freedom: At What Cost?

Strange as it may seem, spiritual freedom has been redefined in some quarters of the religious community. It now comes with a price tag. Shopping for spiritual knowledge is about as ridiculous as an elephant wearing pajamas. Confusing spiritual… 09 Feb 2001


Seeking we become lost in a world without end, where our thoughts allows us to ponder to and fro in the continual search for existence. Watching, we patiently await our rewards, comfortable in the knowledge of what has come to pass. Friendly in… 06 Feb 2001

Nothing Out Of Nothing

Definitive characteristics are displayed according to the type of mind employed. These various types each have their own unique make-up, purpose and style of results. One enduring quality common to all minds is the process of creation,… 29 Jan 2001

Window Shopping

Walking through Life, we seek the immediacy of experience. When it comes to emotive stimulus, the time of now exists like no other. We want it and we want it bad. Seeking this, we are willing to create any effect, any effect at all, in order… 27 Jan 2001

The Clothes We Wear

Sometimes, there comes a defining moment in each person’s life where they can say “THAT” is the point where everything changed for me, “THAT” is the ‘why’ of all that I am and exist for, “THAT” is the ‘reason’. ‘THAT’ can be anything and can… 19 Jan 2001

Keeping The Dream Alive

I’m not prone to playing the quotation game and prefer the approach of relating from my own experience and knowledge, so the following, even though the concepts are obviously not new nor original, are entirely my own thoughts on “Keeping The… 17 Jan 2001


Mind games require us to play by very defined rules. These rules engage and capture our interest and before you know it, the immersion is denied whole-heartedly. The difference in knowing you are playing versus the idea that you ARE playing are… 12 Jan 2001

Operating Thetan, WHAT is it?

You’ve heard the expression “Being a thetan.”, but have you ever really had a visual on it? We can easily imagine ourselves as we are, is it just as easy to understand what we really are? What we really are can be described over and over in… 12 Jan 2001

The Fight of Survival

Searching, we discover. What that discovery will come to mean is anyone’s guess, but I can tell you now; without discovery your bonds will still remain. Isn’t that a scary thought? Another scary thought is that once the particular desired state… 11 Jan 2001

Looking Is Not The Problem

The knock at the door of our only escape wakes us in the need to respond, reject and deny all in the same breath. What lies ahead lies within the desire of imagination. We seek solace in words and ideas. The sounds of hope capture our ears and… 11 Jan 2001

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