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Group Processing

Long, long before the Confederacy, there came to be a civilization proud and strong of good intent. These people were in their early stages of development, and even though many, many ways and means were tested and tried, the general direction… 04 Aug 2001

Mass Has Weight

Mass has weight. If you’ve ever felt a dark cloud hanging over you, then you would know just how heavy the feeling is. It weighs a ton and is heftier than a load of bricks. It helps to build strong bodies 12 ways. 1. A strong body is a desirable… 04 Aug 2001

Would We Be The Same?

Asleep, I watch in panicked distrust of things and places circling above me as vultures in need. Never imagined and never trusting in the life of one who leads same, there can be only forlorn hope of that which ever exceeds my grasp. Catching a… 02 Aug 2001

May I Watch?

Pools of light, pools of laughter, in all pools there exist the exact same quality of determination. Gazing, we weep with joy at the sight we behold. Enraptured and cloaked within our desires, we never blink. Time passes us by as the number of… 02 Aug 2001

CE: Cover


You Can Come Out Now

Do you smell it in the air? There is a change coming and the wind is heavily scented with it. Nations rise and fall on the fragrance and universes tremble from it’s effects. There is a time and a place for everything, can this be the time? Can… 19 Jul 2001

Escape Is Not An Option

There are always turning points in our existence. They can range from a minor change in thought, to life changing experiences, but always they appear suddenly and without warning - or so it appears. Knowledge contains many components in which… 19 Jul 2001

Sand In My Eyes

Intellectual ramblings entertain and enthrall us with their experiential emotive content, but deliver little of substance or value. Value is surmised in regard to emotional content. The higher the content, the bigger the high. Intelligence taxes… 19 Jul 2001

Roller Coastering

With love comes the knowledge that we are not alone. Struggling, we seek to encompass the totality and yet never seem to quite capture even a satisfactory portion of it. We yearn for more and die in the result. Life has it’s up and downs and as… 19 Jul 2001

Energy Transference

There is a theory of energy transference and it goes like this; the movement of energy, from source to object, creates affection and closes space. In this process, what is accomplished is not only the transference of one’s own energy, but the… 19 Jul 2001

Unmasking Ourselves

Unmasking ourselves, we shiver in the cold wind of purity of heart. Trembling, we search for our clothing with nervous expectation of rescuing ourselves from exposure. Hiding, we thankfully express our wishes and seek the exposure of another to… 18 Jul 2001

A Slave To Time

There is no time and there is no effort like the time of now. Within the unbroken circle of light lies the answer to the field of dreams in which we find ourselves ever expanding upon in order to completely capture and contain it. Efforting is… 18 Jul 2001

Embrace Nature

There comes a time when the heart must be opened and allowed to blossom. Through the natural forces this blossoming is inhibited with the understanding that assistance of this nature is a positive and worthwhile endeavor. Exploring these options… 18 Jul 2001

Friendly Self Importance

Importance requires us to perceive along a very narrow band of perception. Relative importances requires us to perceive along these same narrow bands. Restricting perception, whatever or wherever we place out attention, it is there that… 17 Jul 2001

Illuminating The Dark

Out reality is such a funny term. Gradients allow us to see at the very edge of the circle of light from our trusty flashlights. Camping out in the darkness, we never quite seem to want to look much beyond. We have our eyes ‘properly’ adjusted… 17 Jul 2001

Try Harder

Stepping out of line, out of sight, what is it that we lose so very easily along the way. Capturing our hearts, we seek the rapture that endears us to ‘try harder’. Ever lasting, we hunt for the kill only to be rewarded with death itself. Alone… 17 Jul 2001

Let's Pretend

With the quiet expectation of what is sure to come, we await our final destiny. Longing for the future, time passes. Waiting, we wait until we are fulfilled. Experiencing the joy of life, we surrender ourselves unto the darkness that is required… 16 Jul 2001

With Childish Delight

Languishing in our dreams, when will the morning bring us the hope we desire so dearly. When will the sun appear before us to lead the way into that vast unknown we call ‘the day’. Arising, we beseech whatever it is that rules over us, happy in… 16 Jul 2001

Treading Desire

Emotional content, ever pervading the human form, from where does the power of life receive it’s yearnings and desires? Ultimately, there is no other place on Earth, other than the exact moment and place in which you have found yourself this… 16 Jul 2001

What Are You Waiting For?

Once upon a time there lived a man with a vision. Visions are not restricted to psychics, lunatics and the Indian Nation. Visions are restricted to those who care, and this man, who enjoyed life because it consisted of Life, had visions of… 14 Jul 2001

Xenu: The Foe That You've Always Wanted

Bad guys come and go in this universe, good guys as well. What does not follow this rule is ‘you’. No matter where you go, there you are, always to be found. This does not change and never will. Xenu, is the embodiment of the darker side of… 14 Jul 2001

Say You Will

Some methods of madness just never seem to go away. They seem to always reappear in new dress or delivery, attempting to capture our interest. Today, it looks like these delivery options are quite workable and successful, but in reality they are… 13 Jul 2001

The Basis For 'Messed Up Case'

You will see it no matter what type of clearing that is done. It happens in the Church of Scientology. It happened in the Free Zone. It happens with such-and-such and it even happens with so-and-so. The names of the auditor and the organization… 12 Jul 2001

The Urge of Freedom

Have you ever believed something so hard as to actually not even remember that you willed yourself to believe it in the first place? Have you ever suddenly, out of the blue, just remembered a decision that you made and realized that you had… 12 Jul 2001

A Daily Constitutional

Lacking in fortitude, we reach for the stars to belay our hopes and fears trusting in another place to easy our pain and suffering. Allowing ourselves to becomes overwhelmed with emotional content, we delve into our imagination to come up with… 11 Jul 2001

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