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re: Thank you

Thank — for some reason that first came out as ‘thanky’, so I’ll keep it that way. Thanky you VAST and Scipher for your comments. For some reason there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding ‘CitizenCain’. Well, in the destruction of the line… 31 Oct 2001

Surviving Gives Death It's Meaning

There is a time and a place for new eventualities to come together, and it is at that time that the foundations of our beliefs come to mean exactly what they are. As the cracks seep through the rigidity of exploitation, we come to find new… 23 Oct 2001

From Time To Time

To pierce the veil of darkness, the eyes must create the light in which to take flight. Overcoming obstacles, we begin to enjoy ourselves and yet, seemingly out of nowhere, another plight comes to haunt our dreams of evermore. Awakening, we come… 17 Oct 2001

Our Time Is Always At Hand

I am the monster of my imagination. I exist purely for the sake of experience and no more. Nothing ensures my day-to-day survivability as the quest for the existence which I imagine. There can be no completion as the quest and the search are one… 15 Oct 2001

Full Circle

On the horizon of our dreams, beyond the furthest reaches of our imagination, a place exists where time and function cease and come to be no more. It is a place where the endless migration of thoughts, concepts and ideas fall into the deep dark… 10 Oct 2001

Are You Feeling Busy Today?

To go where no man has gone before is to go into the abyss of self destruction. Eventually, inevitability sets in and the long lost cousin of self despair gives rise to an ever increasing delight of eternal self destruction. The ends do justify… 09 Oct 2001


In the peaceful repose of a quiet evening twilight, rest and relaxation takes hold by purposes of ther own design and within that design efforts beyond imagination come to fruition to help and guide us in perfect symphony of spirituality…. 03 Oct 2001

Wheel Of Life

I am the pliable self. Whatever you wish for me to be, I will become that. I blend in easily and become a part of the landscape with no conscious effort. Each individual sees me as they wish to see me. I am what I should be, no more and no less…. 02 Oct 2001

The Moment Of Now

There is a power, a force, headed this way and if you become part of the moving morass of humanity, then surely the future will hold what you wish for. Stepping outside of the time stream, awakening occurs and in that awakening, Life blossoms…. 01 Oct 2001

The Goal Is Not The Method

Visualizations assist us in the effort of reversing the Master-Slave relationship we seem to find ourselves suddenly within. It is almost as if we wake up one day and discover that the thoughts which emanate from our mind rule us and determine… 26 Sep 2001

The Dead Tell No Tales

In the darkness before the dawn, at the time of one’s own choosing, there always appears a sliver of insight which goes by the name of Awakening. In the time fraught with hope, gained and lost, the ground becomes ripe for evolution to gain a… 24 Sep 2001

Asking Is Receiving

When one asks, an emptiness ensues whereby the coming fullfillment may be realized. In creating space, we create that which we most desire. Out of nothing, the something beckons and ekes out an existence, seemingly beyond our conscious efforts…. 24 Sep 2001

Sooner Or Later

In the time between there lies a substance known as Eternity. It is here that Existence fulfills itself and weeps in the delight of estrangement. Alone at last, we remain peaceful and still. To know peace is to know otherwise. Belonging to no… 24 Sep 2001

Born of Ignorance

Born of ignorance, destitute and alone, we emerge into the world whole heartedly with the hopes of an enthusiastic future into which we place our entire existence. Unforgiven, we develop the mind into our weapon of self destruction only to find… 23 Sep 2001

There Is Life Even In The Dead

Fulfilling one’s duties and responsibilities, what happens next? Where is it that we will be taken to next? Have we reached the pinnacle of our desires or do we continue to create new and interesting twists and turns in the drama of life. Taking… 18 Sep 2001

No Wonder We Are Blessed

I’ve lied. I’ve lied about the roots of my humanity thinking that out of the abyss of illusionary thoughts and idle dreams, a reality would be found where the gloating of my self esteem would reign supreme and defy and overcome any and all… 18 Sep 2001

You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

There in the distant past, a lie was born and was brought forth through time and space to plague the targets of today. Some things do not change while other things remain the same. Eternally grateful, existence carries us along the stream of… 18 Sep 2001

Thus Far

There is a point to the pointless, it is in the process of getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’ which counts, not the departure or arrival. The process is the journey and within that journey lies the answers that are so dear to the heart. Within the… 31 Aug 2001

See What Is Sought

A fleeting glimpse of some long forgotten poetic insight, trembling with delight, it opens and reveals itself from an altered state of reality in which we understand very little, if at all. Comprehension resolves slowly as the thoughts dwindle… 31 Aug 2001

The Lost Highwayman

The lost highwayman casts his shadow and upon his mind the wonders unfold, basking in their glory and misrepresentation. Where is the road ahead, beyond which the eyes do not see? Cast unto themselves, the beginnings of life reveal themselves… 30 Aug 2001

The Last Hope

There is the last hope, the first goodbye, the ever lasting remembrance of some long lost thought. Where did I put my hat? 27 Aug 2001

Can You Feel It?

In reality, there exits times and places in which we may demonstrate ourselves and come to know of the things which we yearn for. Emptiness cannot be denied and so the quest for fulfillment survives in all of it’s glory, ever seeking and… 27 Aug 2001

The Survivalist

In order to survive, enemies are created, goals are enforced and the idea of ‘others’ do not exist. Survival requires one to play the game of life and to beat the odds. It creates societies where every individual is encouraged to ‘climb their… 27 Aug 2001

Taking Root

A hope, a dream, a far away place, where are the souls in which the turning of life take refuge. From where does the communication so eagerly sought, find a new home in which to blossom and bear the fruit of understanding. Alone in the mist of… 26 Aug 2001

Getting Rid Of Theta

Theta comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, flavors and dress. Sometimes it even comes as the damsel in distress. The trouble with theta is that they stick to everything that isn’t nailed down, and many times, even that. You can’t get rid of it no… 26 Aug 2001

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