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The Codes Of A Loyal Officer

.. 11 Apr 2005

The Scientological Illusion

Scientology can be used to enslave Man. It IS being used to enslave Man through various schemes, purposes and plans. Even though this enslavement is in direct opposition to the philosophy of Scientology, those who seek control over others will… 30 Jun 2004

They Get Happy

In the interest of science I have donated my thetan, my heart and my soul to those who wish to further that wonderful research line called ‘life’. I really have no further use for them, so off they go. I trust that they will be taken care of in… 30 Jun 2004

Mission To Mars

If you take a moment to look around, you may notice that some of the names and titles of various objects have some sort of familiar or easily accepted way about them. What I mean is that these names may seem quite comfortable with us and may… 13 Apr 2004

Re: Track Recall And "Recent Discoveries"

Nice choice for a new topic. :smile: Consider this: If the historical past stretches out to the horizon, what could possibly have taken place during that lengthy ‘time period’? Auditing uncovers considerations like crazy and perception… 13 Apr 2004

Philosophical Cognitions

Is Scientology a cognition-based philosophy? Scientology auditing produces, as a byproduct, cognitions and realizations. Now these cognitions and realizations give lovely feedback of sensory experience, but they have nothing whatsoever to do… 13 Apr 2004

I Come For You

I have found Freedom and left it behind so that I could come back for you. Freedom is not the same without you. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I too was a slave to my own desires in the same way that you are a slave to yours. Eternity came… 13 Apr 2004

Codes Of A Loyal Officer

Posted to the fza.org discussion forumDate: 2001-11-27 10:37 This repost is from a post of mine to the old forum. I’ve chopped out most of the responses from that topic to keep this short, so if you want to catch the entire scope of it all go… 13 Apr 2004


This topic was brought up in another thread, but I thought that I should start a new one since it is an interesting subject all on it’s own. Monitors:.. 02 Mar 2004

Balance, or Polarity?

In the time of lost good-byes, there comes a time and times when at the stroke of midnight, yet again the times change. Ultimately, the moment passes and becomes born anew in the between of here and the now. Escaping, fruition comes as if of… 23 Dec 2001

Keeping It Going

Mind based processing requires a lot of effort. That’s nothing unusual for this sort of thing, but sometimes, an added effort is needed to overcome certain inherent limitations in the system. Processing without being face-to-face is certainly… 22 Dec 2001

We Become The Hunted

Away from the crowds of onlookers and gazers, moments of silence come to be filled will thoughts of actions. During the times of least activity, motion becomes highly regarded and when it is not being demonstrated, it is soon to come. Enraptured… 15 Dec 2001

Lights In The Night Skies

There is a relay point in this system around which there is a constant hum of activity. Current events are making good use of this point and there is a fair amount of attention being directed toward the purpose of this relay point. Earth is… 12 Dec 2001


I thought that I would make this announcement just so that everyone would know that I’ve changed my mind. But before I mention that, I have to fill in some background data first. I’m not a player. I’m not a piece. And yet I can be one, or both… 11 Dec 2001

Facets Of Our Age

Past the minefields, beyond the edge of time, circumstances arrive to meet their maker. Giving life to the environment, it bends like the willow to ensure it’s survival, and returns to greet us again and again. Everlasting and fulfilling, it… 06 Dec 2001

Seeking Flotational Devices

In the time of dreamers, vistas unfold and as the onrushing future makes it’s way through us, we gaze in wonder at the recognition of ourselves onstage. Separately, we are a joy to behold, if only to ourselves. Conjuring a destiny, we seek… 04 Dec 2001

One's Deepest Wishes Do Come True

While we entertain ourselves, what is it that draws us away from our essence. What is it that makes us begin the process of ‘seeking’. In the tribunals of time, the halls echo will voices of whisper, passing knowledge and data to and fro…. 04 Dec 2001

On The Edge of Fright

Walking through the narrow confines of life, ennobling the greatest to reach new heights, bottoming out is to be avoided at all costs. What lies on the edge of fright, drives us mad. 04 Dec 2001

All That It Touches, It Moves Deeply

Beyond the furthest reaches of the bonds of our bounds, there lies the vast territory unexplored and unexplorable. Remaining as it ever has been, it continues to ‘float’ in time awaiting those who may fall out of the mist. Everlasting patience… 04 Dec 2001

Markabian Climatic Changes

Changes occur as they always do by a perception of necessity and desire. Through control, power is deemed to be demonstrated and through that demonstration authoritarian lines of respect, along with the proper humility, are hammered home. Power,… 03 Dec 2001

Swept Away

There is a time, a place. a moment of thought that escapes from it’s birthing and explodes into maturity. Leading our perception, it carries us forward into the recesses of imagination and creates a reality so real, so exciting, that it becomes… 03 Dec 2001

There Is No Life but Your Own

Finding the treasures of old, we delight in the seeking. Expending our efforts, we build our reserves for the next. Alone at last, we contemplate our future and create the life we are to lead. Events unfold in their proper time and place. The… 03 Dec 2001

There Can Be Only One

The moments of now in which we strive to escape, ever haunt our days and nights. There is nothing left but what we have envisioned for ourselves and in the seeking of rightness, we find the errors of our ways. Uncovering the secret, we keep the… 03 Dec 2001

Flowing Like There Is No Tomorrow

Life flows and thetans create. In between the immersion, fluidic events give rise and fall to greater good of all. Sweeping changes allow the breath of fresh air to become interiorized. 03 Dec 2001

The Gods Are Pleased

Finding the treasures of old, we delight in the seeking. Expending our efforts, we build our reserves for the next. Alone at last, we contemplate our future and create the life we are to lead. Events unfold in their proper time and place. The… 03 Dec 2001

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