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I Is Here

Here I am. Always have been and until otherwise, always will be.

Crash Test Dummies

They have a life of their own. Just sitting there until being put to use, the life they lead is not their own. That is their life - waiting to be made use of which in and of itself is not necessarily a negative but in this case it certainly is….

From The Heart

Working our day to day magic we encumber ourselves with ourselves and as we carry the burden no one else wishes to bear we are left alone - destitute and dying to be reborn. Ever onward we plow ahead despite and in spite of any thing and any one…

Fasting Of The Heart

Yen Hui, the favorite disciple of Confucius, came to take leave of his Master. “Tell me,” said Yen Hui, “what is fasting of the heart?”

Can Chance Favor Us?

Where does the Heart lie when we approach our environment with a critical eye? Do we so relish our own thoughts that we completely deny all else? As the embodiment of man, we bind ourselves with devices of our own choosing. Creating havoc we…

In Matters Of Heart, All Are Fair Game

Weeping, we find solace in those around us hoping upon hope that our pain and suffering will in some way diminish, if not become banished altogether. No Man is an Island when there is suffering to be had. Partaking of our own just rewards, we…

Home Is Where The Heart Is

If home is where the Heart is, then what can be said about the turmoil in which we seem to relish with vim and vigor. Yes, turmoil IS a great part of our day and it is within that turmoil that we reach out, looking for a Heart in which to reside.

Embrace Nature

There comes a time when the heart must be opened and allowed to blossom. Through the natural forces this blossoming is inhibited with the understanding that assistance of this nature is a positive and worthwhile endeavor. Exploring these options…

Breaking The Bonds Of Identification

Searching, we attach ourselves to the things we see, identifying ourselves to the objects that magically come before us in representation of the things we hold most dear. Dropping the logical sequence of events, we yearn for meaning only to be…

Interest Lies Where The Heart Is

Supposedly, the “OT” levels are where a being learns to become more “cause” over matter, energy, time and space. To put it more simply, the spiritual being gets to do whatever the hell they feel like doing. How does this concept work in reality?…

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