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The 'Power' of Force

Perhaps this is just prevalent in my universe but it seems so many people out and about in this world have great respect for the power of force. When it comes to egotistical arguments, of which there is about nothing else of, force seems to... 19 Apr 2020

Recent Communication

When the night comes all life descends into a darkness that seems to last forever but in reality the darkness is but movement upon the sands of time and like the hourglass which holds the sand in it's embrace, purpose and plan can mean just... 09 Apr 2013

Some Thoughts on the Matter

Since it is now well established that we are in the year of the Lord 2013 I think that it is high time to lay down a few thoughts of this and that and back again. I've changed a few things on the 'back end' of this website just to help me keep... 20 Jan 2013

'Normal' Communication

Communication is a wonderful tool in getting a message across the great divide and arriving at a receipt point. Through time and space as the medium of transference something can be moved from point 'A' to point 'B'. One of the most basic and... 28 Jan 2008

Telepathy: Is It The Next Big Thing?

Since we are here because of our spiritual interests we are able to look at and perceive a number of things in various ways. Since we are neither 'stuck' in a viewpoint nor have a rigid and rote methodology to employ, we are completely free and... 19 Sep 2005

On Post And On Target

A reminder: When responding to a post please be sure that your reply is on topic and related to the discussion. If, after reading a post, other ideas and concepts come to mind and you wish to express them, then please do so in a new topic of... 19 Aug 2005

Taking A Step Back

I've been reviewing and sorting a fair amount of communication that I've accumulated over the years and in taking a step backward to get a better overall view of exactly where things have come and just as important, where they are going, reveals... 16 Aug 2005

Ack and WHO

This is an acknowledgement to those few individuals who have traveled to FZA.ORG, through whatever means, to share in what is here to share. It's amazing how honey attracts bees, and send them on their way refreshed and invigorated. These few... 21 Jan 2004

Status Report Spock!

Well, I've had an interesting go-around with someone who has e-mailed me privately. It's interesting when someone has a problem spelling their 'real' name and uses the term 'aka' when signing their communication. I didn't bother to venture into... 17 Jan 2004

Cutting Through Closed Doors

Living without communication skills is like living in a vacuum cleaner. There is one heck of a lot of noise and one is forcibly pushed about by everything imaginable. It's almost as if one is completely at the mercy of something else - something... 17 Sep 2003

An Open Book

Secrets, over time, have a way of revealing themselves. They just seem to want to come out and be expressed in some way or another. Even when great lengths are taken to ensure that a secret will not revealed, it seems to work itself out through... 21 Nov 2001

Why Not Make It Enjoyable For Everyone?

At what point does communication become so dangerous that it must be eliminated? Where will we draw the boundaries of our own limitations and perceptions and expect those around us to comply? How do we pass judgement upon another when we,... 24 Aug 2001

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