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The Gift of Life (Part II)

Life presents itself for our enjoyment. It’s not my fault that the typical road chosen, not just here but in many other places as well, is filled with bumps and bruises… 23 Aug 2013

A Sight For Sore Eyes

In changing we promote decay as the old must pass the test of time to never return… or does it? Events seemingly beyond our control force us to follow the spiral to it’s bitter end. Down, down into the depths of our own torment do we plough… 15 Dec 2011

Pleasure For The Holidays

Here is the time of year where those with enough Federal Reserve Notes go out and parlay their savings into some tangible product full of return and value. Oh what fun it is to bump shoulders with the rest of the flock while feeding at the… 13 Dec 2011

Sparking The Great Divide

The great divide is but a chasm of ignorance from on one corner of the universe to another. Between the opposition lies the truth of all being which is nothing but who and what we really are. Needing nothing we relent and so we find ourselves in… 05 May 2011

Life Removed

Progressively the downward spiral into solidity promises a golden future of life - of a life ‘new and improved’. New experience beckons the kids and as ever onward the marching steps of authority comes to be endured one can be assured that new… 17 Sep 2010

Life Is Worth Living

Life is said to be worth living, but isn’t that what Life is all about anyway? Confounding simplicity creates the hardships which we gleefully throw at ourselves each and every day. The only hardship that exists is the effort in which we place… 27 Aug 2008

We Must Live In Order To Die

Forged in a fire which burns coldly in it’s heart, waking up is not always an easy or pleasant thing to do. Facing our own torments, we tend to run and hide. Of course getting there is half the fun and so we come to relish the opportunity to… 14 Nov 2005

Life In Effect

There was a time when Man took it upon Himself to live life to it’s fullest in it’s most complete depth, breath and meaning. But that is not so anymore. Man Has lost His Way. Today, Man’s life encompasses neglect, regret and shame. Always… 22 Mar 2004

Destitute and Dying

The natural level of a being is unmistakably out the roof. Nothing can contain it, embrace it or sully it. It remains as it always is and will be. Nothing can ever change that, but there are many ‘things’ which can become the entertainment in… 17 Sep 2002

Breaking The Vow Of Silence

Breaking the vow of Silence takes on new meaning when the power of conviction overwhelms the mind with reality. Muffled desire becomes unleashed and the chains in which we have taken solace begin to fall apart with disinterest. When we silence… 02 Dec 2001

The Gods Are Kind Indeed

The Time of Forgetfullness is a Time of Remembrance. In between the moments of thought and reality there exists a slice of time in which the two merge and become as one. For some, the difference does not exist and for others there is a world… 27 Nov 2001

I Long For The Days

Coming and going, I long for the days when communication was like gold, ever looked for and greatly appreciated when received. I long for the times when lynch mobs killed themselves before they would kill another. Sometimes, death can be a long… 22 Aug 2001

Taking Flight

Walking on the wild side, enduring oneself to become something while at the same time ignoring all that is. There is a goal and that goal must be attained at whatever the cost, whatever the price. The ultimate game is played to win and where is… 08 Aug 2001

Just Another Lazy Summer Day

Long lost within the echoes of our thoughts, we seek out others of like mindedness wondering if each is as capabile as we hope that they will be. Reality sets in and nothing remains the same, the dream shatters the imagination and turns the… 10 Jun 2001

Winded From Effort

Lost in a world where shadows rule, can there be such a thing as ‘enlightenment’? All exists for our own selfish pleasure and yet the real becomes illusionary in appearance. Where is the salvation so eagerly surmised? Where is the role of the… 26 Mar 2001

Holding On For Dear Life

Life, as we know it, is purposeful activity. It is productive, enriching and fulfilling on some deep down level. We gain experiences with which we share among others of like mind. We find that without Life to fulfill us, existence becomes… 13 Mar 2001

Are You Still Having Fun?

Out of the Breath of Life we see Ourselves so very clearly. Demonstrated, we become what we see and envision the future we suddenly find ourselves immersed within. Grasping, our bewilderment show itself in the incapacity to understand our… 06 Mar 2001

Barriers Of Thought, To Freedom

From time to time we remind ourselves that our existence upon this earth is limited and the span of life short, but never do we forget the torturous route we have taken to get here in order to lay claim to that coveted title we call ‘alive’…. 05 Sep 2000

The Caress of Chance

As the changes of Life pass us by we look around us and wonder at the glory of Chance. But it is something much more than that. Changes occur as they always do, with some inexplicable reason beyond our conscious control and many times conscious… 27 Aug 2000

The Death Of Life

Livingness creates problems for its’ own resolution. There is nothing interesting or exotic about it. You live, you have problems, you find solutions and carry them out. Then, you do it all over again. Its’ called the merry-go-round of life…. 26 Aug 2000

Life Energy Games

Life Energy Games, if compared to The Pilot’s compendium on thetan history, lies somewhere between the Jewel of Knowledge and the Reality Wars. During this time period, energy and it’s possible uses was explored. Much can be done with energy, it… 01 Aug 2000

Eternally Ours

The life we seek is not just of our own, but of corresponding resemblances. Our own inner desires, reflected and propagated thru the ether of unmanifestated physical desires. Eternity lies within us all… 26 Dec 1999

Surpassing The Unsurpassable

Surpassing the unsurpassable may seem to be quite the task at hand, but actually, the task is only possible upon taking the standpoint of a new evolved viewpoint. As we grow, our teachers become less and less able, or so it seems. In many cases,… 26 Dec 1999

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