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A Shallow Breath Away

The times of times are upon us and yet, and yet there is a nagging feeling in the back of this mind that not all is well in the land of Denmark, dreams and especially in the mirror of life, living and the beyond. Here I sit neither in judgment... 06 Nov 2018

In the Middle of the Night

Passing through the nether regions we find that in our determination things are just as they should be. That's not a statement many would accept at first glance but in our realm it is something quite the opposite. We all have our albatrosses... 02 Oct 2018

Hiding In The Shadows

Corporations are such funny little schemes in order to hide one's self in. Oh, it's the corporation's fault, right!? Irresponsibility comes in so many forms with which one can best put to use the schemes and grand plans so evident these... 21 Aug 2018

I Am Scared

It's true. You might not believe this but I am terrified of being exactly what I am. I'm not talking about the usual crap about trying to be one thing or another - all in the face of being what one really is. I'm talking about being... 25 Jun 2018

I've Been Waiting

I must be quite the foreigner. It's not okay with me that the populations which run wild all over this place run around with their eyes, ears and attention completely covered with anything and everything at hand in order to pretend that... 04 Jun 2018

Not All Is As It Seems

Of the flesh, by the flesh, and for the flesh. I must dreaming.... 04 Jun 2018

Dirty Harry

There is a lot to say but not much is being said. The other way 'round is that there are a lot of deaf ears and yet the bell continues it's toll.... 04 Jun 2018

Time In A Bottle

In the day of days there are and is all sorts of things happening. You name it and the glory of mankind are all there in the finest dress imaginable. Looking spark and spiffy we all know better but some dogs must be left to lie, front porch... 04 Jun 2018

Speaking Ill of the Dead

In hushed tones amid the echoing footsteps in the hallowed halls of justice, whispers reveal the intent of those who walk among the dead. The dead, the dying and the ill conceived all share the same blood as revealed in the veins of history.... 08 May 2018

Smile For The Camera

Pictures are worth a thousand... nothings. ... 20 Apr 2018

Diaretical Diatribe

Diaretical: as in diary. These days my postings have been run right along these barriers. But don't take my word for it, I'm just a delivery man. If trees could talk what would you have them say? "Kill the hue-mans."?... 19 Apr 2018

Coup D'├ętat

What is this talk of a 'military coup' that I keep running across? Military Tribunals?... 19 Apr 2018

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