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Broken But Not Stirred

It's true, all of it. I am not a flesh being. Yeah, you might think I am because I complain about the body's dislike for one thing or another but... so what. It doesn't change anything, I'm still out here in the nether reaches just... 31 Oct 2017

I'm Trying But I Just Can't Do It

The world beckons with outrageous tentacles writhing this way and that as a heat-seeking missile looking to meet up with it's target. Once joined as one, another victim can be added to the ever-growing list. Record keeping has got to be a bear. 31 Oct 2017

It's A Doris Kind of Day

I do believe it is a Doris kind of day. ... 13 Oct 2017

It's Just You

When I Stumble... Will you catch me if I stumble and begin to fall?... 27 Sep 2017

Scaredy Kat

People these days are really buying into this terror everywhere crapola. It's not really surprising when there is already a fear-based culture in existence with which one can bend and shape perception into whatever the hell one wants. Look at... 21 Sep 2017

Wee Willy Winky

Looking about there is not much to see. Sure, there are plenty of hands up in the air saying "Look at me, look at me!" but their grandstanding is of little concern or even interest. Running with the big dogs requires a certain flair and... 21 Sep 2017

Biting the Bitter End

Living the life of charm, glory and wander-lust. My knees are killing me!... 15 Sep 2017


This is a post that describes something indescribable. You.... 15 Sep 2017

No Man's Land

It's no secret, I do not interfere in the ways of Man. It's your party and I am but a guest. That doesn't mean that I cannot interfere and throw around my own interpretation of self but I'm not by nature egotistical nor self-serving. How... 08 Sep 2017

Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely fabulous. If I had friends I would celebrate.... 30 Aug 2017

Useless Information

You probably already took the hint but I'm going to be even more cryptic. The inversion of attention has been released. I guess you might say that I've had a good day even though I don't ever have one.... 30 Aug 2017

Dear Diary...

I must be on a roll. Either that or terribly bored and finding comfort in exposing myself. There is always a darkness and when the ensuing dawn breaks everything changes. No, I'm not talking about that fresh pot of coffee brewing and... 30 Aug 2017

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