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And Your Bird Can Sing

This comes from that famous social engineering project called youtube. It’s not the station that counts, it’s the message. Through time and space it always reaches it’s mark.

Where Were You?

When all is said and done, where will you come to find yourself? Will it be right where you had always wanted to be, or will it be where you never, ever, expected to find yourself? In whatever case you come to regard yourself, remember this -…

We've Never Left Home

There is a joy in the living of life. There is a moment of unrequited love where life becomes accepted as it is for what it is. What finer moment could be endured or celebrated than this? Going beyond our day-to-day mortality, there can be only…

Battle Scarred

I don’t think that even the creator of UCP knows the actual origins of the UCP technique of processing. (Of course, I could be wrong, but this seems to be a good starting point). Scientology, as you may have surmised, is not a new concept. Part…

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