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throwitallintoone : Welcome

Engaging ourselves in life and living we come to see that a world exists outside of ourselves and so to become a part of it we pull it inward and call it home. As we interiorize our environment life takes on new meaning. But that meaning is not necessarily the correct one as this interior universe of ours is obviously a created reality, one in which we live the cycle of birth and death. Thus restricted we create the urge for release. In this interior world of ours there is much pain and suffering, there is more than enough of it to go around. In fact, there is much more than we can ‘handle’ and so we tend to quietly retreat into the night of our long lost soul journeying into the abyss of knowledge ever seeking the answer to our dilemma. Well, that answer is obviously being looked for in all of the wrong places…. [more]

Cancellation Of Accounts

All accounts with the exception of a very few have been cancelled. Serious communication can never take place in an atmosphere where the mind is allowed to reign supreme, therefore all communication avenues for visitors have been terminated. Of what use is superficial engagement other than to solidify our own individual selfish purposes and goals. Along those lines there is absolutely no interest in anything even remotely connected with spirituality and so the bell tolls. This serious flaw of man is not relegated to any specific religion, philosophy or nature of thought. Amazingly, most are so intoxicated with it’s effects that they have no real wish for change and so like-minded agreement becomes fervently sought. Not so here…. [more]

Freedom In Expression

This site is currently on HOLD status awaiting the completion of THIS topic of discussion. User registration and Member login are both disabled at this time in order to appropriately assign correct importance. Please feel free to encourage vaxen var to allow this topic to reach fruition. Best wishes to all…. [more]

In Due Time

There has been a reduction in the posting of entertainment due to the work being done on the FZA Archives. Perhaps a return to the regularly scheduled program will come about in the near future or perhaps that too will change. The nice thing about Spiritual Freedom is that one has complete and total control over nothing and yet is at complete peace and harmony, working in complete alignment with the Universe. Therefore, we can say that nothing is being done and yet great changes continue to occur despite the best efforts of those who would wish otherwise. Getting past our own barriers is best left for the brave, the sincere, the honest. For everyone else there is planet Earth in it’s present state of affairs. Enjoy it while it lasts and then just change the channel for additional entertainment. The problem comes into play only when we become the effect of our cause and do not wish it to be so. It’s not always a pretty sight to behold but here, it’s not called the prison planet for nothing…. [more]


Glibness is like getting past your own mind, your own thoughts, ideas and concepts to see the reality that exists whether one wishes to see it or not. When a student cannot apply what they have learned, when they are unable to actually use the information which they are supposedly interested in, then of what use is their so-called ‘learning’ in the first place? A smart instructor will either handle the glibness or make it obvious that the student has no reality on the subject and therefore does not wish to actually learn it. Anyone can say that they have an interest, but when it comes right down to it do their actions demonstrate their interest? If it does not then you can be assured that the individual is there for another purpose. A hidden or underlying reason, decision, postulate or whatever one wishes to call it will prevent actual learning to take place…. [more]

Been There, Done That, Now What?

Life has an infinite capacity to move along, to evolve along it’s own lines of purpose and plan (or so it seems). In this evolution we many times find ourselves in situations and conditions where we begin to take a deep look into our own nature, to ask questions of ourselves so as to reveal our selves to ourselves. Digging deep, we uncover the years of toil and hardship and so find release. Breaking our chains of ignorance we then begin to move ahead, unstuck from our past, our thoughts and our hopes and dreams. For some, it can be a long time coming. But it doesn’t have to be…. [more]

Telepathy: Is It The Next Big Thing?

Since we are here because of our spiritual interests we are able to look at and perceive a number of things in various ways. Since we are neither ‘stuck’ in a viewpoint nor have a rigid and rote methodology to employ, we are completely free and at ease to say and do all sorts of things. Isn’t it wonderful to be in a position where we do not get caught up in a web of our own making but instead, are fully willing to experience anything? When we are fully willing to experience anything we are then free of that same thing - it no longer holds sway over and above us. The trick, of course, is being willing and able to see that, but that is another story…. [more]

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