We Must Live In Order To Die

Forged in a fire which burns coldly in it’s heart, waking up is not always an easy or pleasant thing to do. Facing our own torments, we tend to run and hide. Of course getting there is half the fun and so we come to relish the opportunity to escape. But where is it that we will go and what is it that we will do? Have we not already done and said enough yet? Has not our cup runneth over? As we spill our selves out into the world we come to be everywhere at once always tempting and tempted with new experience, new thoughts, always something to hold near and dear to us. Clutching, we ever fail to grasp the concept and so relinquish control to might in the hopes that conquest will be ours…. [more]

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Hold That Thought...

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Stepping Aside, Our Nature Remains

Thoughts, in their ever present nature, help to define our beingness. Through our thinking process alignment occurs with that which we have deemed to be our demonstrate-able characteristics. Through thoughts we create our reality and live the life we can only dream of. Dreams too, pass before our eyes in their effort of conforming reality to it’s wishes. We are able to change the face of the Earth simply through thinking. Thoughts carry us and rule the day. In this contentious atmosphere how are we to find solitude, peace, tranquility or even a moments rest? How are we to realize our own nature when we overwhelm ourselves with the images which are constantly passed before the mind’s eye? Is our lot in life to become the effect of effort because we, ourselves, effort to live? What is one to do to stop the wheel of life from spinning us out of control?… [more]

Sleeping With The Enemy

The enemy is such a nefarious and dastardly fellow, especially when we are not looking. Doing gross deeds of misconduct during the night, we all seem to pay the consequences come morning. As much as we want to try to rid our selves of this unwelcomed plight in our lives, it remains. Perhaps this is so because in secret, we relish the opportunity to allow it’s freedom to encompass us all. Willingly, we give up the ghost and leave it all in it’s hands to do as it wishes, to bend and mold us as it will. To do otherwise is sure to bring us discomfort, sorrow and pain. And in so doing, we fall prey to our own worst nightmares and pretend that all is well. All is far, far from well with our capacity to create illusions and alternate realities. In living within these confines we so embolden our pride that we lose ourselves in it’s iron-fisted domination. Is there no one who can set us free?… [more]

Speaking With The Dead

Bodily existence can be such a drag. In fact, it is so cumbersome that most people on this planet nurture a ‘natural’ tendency to inhibit all that which will go beyond the physical. Enveloped in the pain and suffering of a bodily existence, who would dare to move beyond it in order to actually see? All attention becomes focused upon the center of the universe; that little organism which finds itself lost and alone in the vast, vast ocean of physicality. The body becomes all that there is. But are we not forgetting something?… [more]

Few Are Called But Many Are Chosen

Spiritual awakening, or whatever name one wishes to assign to the concept, relies upon the idea that we are not free, that we are under some sort of spell and cannot achieve what it is that we are seeking. This type of thinking is completely erroneous and so there are many beings who come along to encourage us to see the fallacy of our thinking. Our process of inward conceptualization becomes threaten and as we gather the courage to see our selves for who and what we really are, experiential happenings occur and they occur in complete disregard to what we believe, think or are told. What is true for you is true for you…. [more]

Another Day In The Corps

“…every meal a banquet, every paycheck a fortune, every formation a parade…” Of course almost everyone dies in the movie that the above quote was taken from. And here we are on this planet where most individuals are already infected and vacantly seek release by saying “kill me”…. [more]

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