It matters little which class of elitist shill occupies governmental offices of ‘power’ from which the populace are used and abused to no end. For those on the low end of the totem pole the only choice available is to go along to get along or else suffer the consequences. For those without a cause, living one’s daily life is about all there is - that, and the effort of trying to stay out of the way. It’s no secret that the ‘common’ man is the one who shoulders each and every consequence of those who rule from behind closed doors. Is it any wonder then that since no recourse exists nothing is accomplished. Whether one’s personal property is ruled by European minds or Oriental concepts matter little as the end result is the same. Freedom does not exist but in theory and in actual fact is vehemently disparaged at every turn, all in a politically accepted way of course. Politically accepted, meaning propagandized into forced acceptability by the herd. We do indeed have no choice…. [more]

Cows Used For Their Milk

The 9 million cows living on dairy farms in the United States spend most of their lives in large sheds or on feces-caked mud lots, where disease is rampant.3 Cows raised for their milk are repeatedly impregnated. Their babies are taken away so that humans can drink the milk intended for the calves. When their exhausted bodies can no longer provide enough milk, they are sent to slaughter and ground up for hamburgers.Cows produce milk for the same reason that humans do: to nourish their babies. In order to force the animals to continue giving milk, factory farmers impregnate them using artificial insemination every year. Calves are generally taken from their mothers within a day of being born — males are destined for veal crates, and females are sentenced to the same fate as their mothers.Mother cows on dairy farms can often be seen searching and calling for their calves long after they have been separated. Author Oliver Sacks, M.D., wrote of a visit that he and cattle expert Dr. Temple Grandin… [more]

Friendly Fire

Walking the streets of fire, reality comes to the fore in order to bring about desired consequences. In action all consequences bear fruit. In so doing the future becomes not only predictable but ensured. In compartmentalizing one’s born again characteristics one lives, and dies, by their own hand. Creating a better world is something left for another as the meek inherit the earth. Indeed, the meek have inherited the earth, mostly through attrition. Elitist rulers, bent on subversion, are not only of weak mind but of weak character. How are all those of such fortitude to rule when the masses do not exist but in one’s hopes and dreams of conquest? If one becomes the illusion then physical forms matter a great deal and so fear comes to roost in the most humble of abodes. I see dead people…. [more]

Falling Asleep

Man is obviously so very much trapped by his own design. His thinking reflects his state of mind and in this circular route of implosion eternity takes root but not before much trial and tribulation. Fighting tooth and nail the mind-full seek no way out but through their tried and true methodologies which of course land one right back to the starting point. Progress does not exist and yet the illusionary reality of our own making tells us otherwise. We yearn and learn because we must, at all costs, go some where and do some thing. Inner upheaval drives man to the brink never to return. But there is purpose to this and at the end of the road we come to find that our own limitations is what has spelled our doom in the first place. It is a war we cannot win but try telling someone of this. And so the world comes to be played out before our eyes in all of it’s imagined gory and glory. Let’s face it, we relish living the life we live otherwise it would be very different. To pretend otherwise merely illustrates… [more]

Stranded In Time

Immorality on this planet has come to reach new highs and in the depths of despair it’s inhabitants seek out new ways and means of escaping justly deserved recompense. Inventing new conceptual escape routes in which to take refuge, pride knows no bounds and in the deaths of millions, billions are surely not far behind. Perhaps if we do nothing, nothing will occur. In this demented torment daily lives come to be played out as seen fit by the all mighty hand of darkness. If slaves are not to be made then surely birth will provide the means. Redefining the existence of life, it all comes to mean domination and control. The weary see nothing but their own plight and the watchful are fast asleep, immersed in their own dreams of dreaming. The end of time is already here and stranded are the wayfarers. Is this the place reserved for us? Is this the time to which we have ultimately come? Duly following the path as those before us, we have arrived. Does it give one great pleasure? Is one greatly rewarded in being… [more]

Consuming Consumption

Man, by it’s inherent nature, embodies the urge to consume the universe, to consume every last particle and thereby to embody something much ‘greater’ than itself. Man’s playground is the physical universe and in this sandbox life, living and learning along with death and taxes go hand in hand. In it’s consumption of that which lies exterior to it’s physical shell, man will go to the stars never to return. This is indeed a one way journey but perhaps that journey is not quite fully understood in it’s conception, complexity nor purpose. In this turbulence there just is no time to ‘figure it all out’ and so man continues to be relentless as time passes it by without a fleeting glimpse, nor care. The body of man demonstrates itself in so many ways and means. Among the populated planets congregations abound in their whims and fancy, portraying ideological axioms as fact and fiction. Man is fully impressed with man and so acts accordingly…. [more]

Becoming Human

From heaven to hell our route consumes us in our quest of movement through time and space. Where we go and what we have done comes to mean little as we dive head first into the next action scene of our devising. Strange as it seems, we do indeed create the feet to tread the path we lay before us. Is it any comfort to know that as we look ahead the horizon expands and as well look behind the horizon fades. Coming or going its all the same thing. Humans tend to do and say the darnedest things but that is nothing in comparison to our spiritual efforts. Hands down we win even time - even when we appear to lose. Our love of life knows no bounds and in this nether region of existence only our time of here and now becomes important. Leaving all else behind we pretend to move ahead unaffected. So much for the here and now…. [more]

Between Lives; There Is No Such Thing

As we are ever between lives it cannot exist separate and apart from ourselves. Imagining a world where the collection of souls is nothing but a job promotion is one which obviously creates nothing but a pain-full route to rebirth - again. If spiritual existence is contemplated as a reality then how is it that we overlay that reality with fanciful notions created from the depths of our experiential track. We do indeed create the life we live and the death we follow. From cause to effect we become caught in the wheel of life. How is it that we profess a spiritual inclination amidst such deviousness. Left to our own devices, we wallow. Pulling one’s self out of the mud by and through our own boot straps takes no great courage. Where the courage lies is in coming face to face with our existence. If it is true that we can do anything forever then perhaps the answer lies in our doing, in our thinking process which precedes it. Before movement can occur it must have already happened…. [more]

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